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Flight Simulator X Tutorial 6 Introducción al Vuelo en Zonas de Montaña Cessna Skyhawk SP Modelo 172

Dale a Me Gusta Comparte el vídeo en facebook y Twitter no cuesta nada, es de mucha ayuda ;) y no olvides suscribirte GRACIAS! Give Me Gusta Share this ...


Ray Charles Forest Fire Prevention PSA circa 1975 US Forest Service - Ad Council

more at Ray Charles shares his views on forest fire prevention. "When we lose a forest, we lose a lot mor...


Morrill's Saw Set - Adjusting The Set - a video tutorial by Old Sneelock's Workshop

Morrill Saw Set In Part 5 of Sharpening A One Man Crosscut Saw I used a Morrill's #4 Saw Set to bend the saw teeth into the proper "set". My subscribers aske...


Sharpening A File With Acid - a video tutorial from Old Sneelock's Workshop

A quick, simple, and inexpensive method for sharpening a file. Subscribe for more videos: Since ...


US Forest Service and The Woods Project- Eastwoods Girls clearing trails

The Woods Project seeks to develop leadership capacity and life skills in low income youth through a series of outdoor education/environmental awareness ...


axe sharpening tutorial part 1

part one of a three part video to show how to refurbish and sharpen an axe head. this is a small hatchet but the principle is the same for any axe size. im u...


Homemade francisca (with tutorial)

My homemade Francisca, with a tutorial. This method will work for any shape or size of axe, and requires no specialist tools and little metalwork knowledge. ...


Fire Behavior and Ecological Restoration

As part of its fire research, the Forest Service captures video footage of actual wildfires in progress. By employing specially designed heat resistant camer...


US forest service crown vic

1:18 scale crown vic with front and rear LED's front: 2 LED's with 11 flash patterns rear: 8LED arrow stick with 11 patterns i wanted to put more lights but ...


U.S. Forest Service Botanist Jan Schultz: Stop Invasive Species at Wisconsin/Michigan Nati

(Marquette, MI) -- The U.S. Forest Service (USFS) is working with youth, Native American tribes and many groups to fight invasive plants -- and restore indig...


Modeling Biomass and Canopy Fuel Attributes Using LIDAR Technology

Brent Mitchell, Remote Sensing Analyst, USDA Forest Service, Remote Sensing Applications Center (RSAC), Salt Lake City, Utah. Recorded talk from 2011 ...


How to tell White, Black, & Green Ash Apart

A tutorial of how to tell the America's 3 most common Eastern Ash trees apart. Fraxinus nigra (Black Ash) Fraxinus pennsylvanica (Green Ash) and Fraxinus ame.


my first building tutorial

This is my new sieries that involves me finding out ways to build things... so you dont have to!!! like and subscibe.


Wild Rogue Wilderness

The United States Congress designated Oregon's Wild Rogue Wilderness in 1978 and it now has a total of 35806 acres -- approximately 27110 are U.S. Forest ...


Basic Searching in Treesearch

Basic searching techniques in Treesearch, a database produced by the United States Forest Service. Contains publications by Research and Development ...


Web Design | Trout fishing bait at Lake Del Valle rigging tips secrets

Check out this awesome tutorial : It was an epic day of fun and sun. Had the pleasure of fishing with the Wildwood (Craig Wood) today at Lake Del Valle in Li...


How the self releasing trout catfish bass bait hook works |PS Web Designer |Miami

Have a gander this helpful tutorial : How theself releasing quick out trout catfish bass bait hook works. To find out how the amazing self releasing hook wor...


Rowan's Building Tutorials: How to build a Log Cabin (PART 2)

Here is the second part on how to build a log cabin in the mountains.


How It's Done: Knots For Hammock Nutts

A brief tutorial on knots and their applications relative to hammock camping.


Using Trees and Shrubs for a Mixed Boarder or Buffer in Landscaping Pa area

Using Trees and Shrubs for a Mixed Boarder or Buffer in Landscaping Pa area We deliver and plant Call 215 651 8329 [PDF] Removal of Old Model Chain Saw ...

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