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Painting Tutorial: Oil + turpentine wash on a miniature

Yay - my first narrated tutorial Hope you guys can understand my accent. If you have any questions just.


Oil Painting Tutorial: Mediums- Fat over Lean

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Drawing a peacock feather -- step by step tutorial -- prismacolor pencils

This is a narrated tutorial on drawing a peacock feather with prismacolor pencils. I am appearing before you guys for the first time in this video !! and i a...


Chords, Turpentine, Brandi Carlile

These posts are for a project friends and I are trying to start, this is a nice way to share the info. Maybe other people find it helpful... Anyway, the chor...


Tips and Tricks #1~ How to Blend Oil Pastels

Hello everybody. So I get questions quite often on how to blend oil pastels quite often. In a few of my videos I blend them with my fingers and in others I ...


Paper Marbling Tutorial

Paper marbling with oil paint and turpentine. A tutorial by Kathy Lee.


Drawing a peacock - step by step tutorial - Prismacolor pencils.

So this is my 2nd tutorial. in this tutorial i show you how to draw a beautiful peacock head easily. Drawing using prismacolor premier pencils and distilled ...


Progress report - 1:18 tank and a mini tutorial on grime streak

British WWI MK4 tank scratch built with hobby wood and pva glue by Paul Thompson. And a short tutorial on how to add grime streaks with oil paint and turpent...


My first ever tutorial!! How to draw a grape with prismacolor pencils.

Finally i am going to do a narrated tutorial for making you guys familiar with the tools and techniques that i am using. Since this is the first time, its fa...



Here's a really quick and easy trick to get your bangs out of your face/look like you braided your hair without spending more than 2 minutes on it. :] Questi...


Turpentine Awareness

Visit to view the full video and purchase access to our other Hazardous Materials c.


Turpentine and Other Awful Things @ CPCT IF1 Summer 2014 Class Showcase

Crown Point Community Theatre's Improv Fundamental I class "Turpentine and Other Awful Things" performed at their class showcase to a packed house.


How to draw with Oil Pastel - Wild Flower Landscape

This is a landscape painting of wild flower in field on a cloudy day with oil pastel. It's a very simple composition. Here below are the details of materials...


Turpentine baths by Dr. Zalmanov. How to use them correctly



Making Turpentine (naturally distilled) part 1

A day and a night in the hills making turps naturally... with my dogs. video 1... extracting pine goo... for turps and soap leaving charcoal. skip to 6 min m...


Sorastro's Zombie Painting Guide Ep.1

This is a zombie miniature painting tutorial for the beginner painter. It shows how to use a spray-on primer and Army Painter's Quickshade to shade the minia...


How to Mix Oil Paint

This video tutorial demonstrates how to prepare and mix oil paint for fine art painting. Supplies, tips, and material suggestions are among the topics covere...


Jewellery Making at Turpentine

Never imagined I'd be able to make a silver necklace from scratch, but guess what? I did, in one evening! My friend Saima invited me to a jewellery making wo...


Distillation Of Turpentine For Pinenes

Some turpentine, about 250 ml, is placed in a boiling flask and simple distillation is set up and performed. Alpha pinene came across first at about 155 C. T...


11 How to Dispose of Used Turpentine ©

What do you do with your dirty turpenoid? Here's how to refresh your brush cleaner safely and clear out the sediment. For more information on Art Classes by ...

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