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The Seven Years War (1756-1763): tutorial 1: army interface (campaign)

tutorial 1 describes how to control the divisions in campaign mode video from version alpha a003


The Proclamation of 1763

This information describes an overview of the Proclamation of 1763 and American colonial patriot's reaction to this law. I created this video with the help ...


Proclamation of 1763



Driving Onto Amelia Island To Downtown Fernandina, Florida

Driving Over The Bridge Onto Amelia Island To Downtown Fernandina, Florida Amelia Island is an island in Nassau County, Florida. One of the southernmost of ...


Causes of the American Revolution Video Tutorial

Enjoy this video tutorial that briefly discusses three events that helped cause the American Revolution (French and Indian War, Proclamation of 1763, and ...


Unit 2, Topic 2, Part 1- The French and Indian War.mp4

Table of Contents: 00:38 - The French and Indian War: Reasons for Conflict 04:22 - Major Events of the French and Indian War 06:22 - Treaty of Paris 07:37 ...


First Peoples of Kentucky 2

Q6: How to say "Hello" in Cherokee? Chickasaw? Shawnee? Yuchi? Q7: What white man sent by Abraham Wood in 1673 was kidnapped by the "Tomahitans" in ...


GPS SSUSH1a Virginia House of Burgesses [Video 4]

Tutorial on Unit 1 Standard 1 Substandard a on the Virginia House of Burgesses and its impact on Virginia's development.


Tasty Moments in U.S. History: Chapter 7

The French and Indian War...basically, If George Washington and other colonial militia were playing a video game called 18th century warfare, this war would be ...


The Battle Princeton 1777 (Jones & Rowen)

Me and my friends american traditions presentation.


Leading to the American Revolution Part 3: Quebec Act to Declaration of Independence

Overview of the events leading up to the War for American Independence.


Uses for acorns

I went to collect acorns so i can make acorn bread or pancakes there really good but it takes lot of hard work.


Currency Act: Cause Of The Revolutionary War? Currency Act: Revolutionary War War Of 1812 Presidential Assassinations Money Junkies AKA Bankers All Wars Are Banker Wars ...


US Historical County/State Boundaries

3-minute animation of the changes in U.S. historical county boundaries, 1629 - 2000. Historical state and territorial boundaries are also displayed from 1783 ...


The Quartering Act

I spent a lot of time making this video and I really hope you enjoy it!!!! =D.


Paris Peace Conference and Treaty of Versailles

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