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Introduction to Topographic Maps

Introduction to Topographic Maps.


Topographic Map Skills



Understanding Topographic Maps

In this video we begin by looking at a topographic map of Pikes Peak in Colorado. I then build a clay model of a mountain and create cross sections represent...


Topographic Maps Video.wmv

Video notes over topographic maps for my 6th grade science class.


Topographic Map Basics.mkv

Basic elements of contoured topographic maps and their interpretation. Index elevation contour, elevation contour, contour interval, slope, contour spacing, ...


The Revit Kid Topography Basics Revit Tutorial - For more tips, tricks, information, and videos of all things Revit and BIM! - For an intense BIM exp...


Tutorial: "Topography in Autodesk Revit Architecture 2013"

Learn how to create topo-surfaces in Autodesk Revit Architecture 2013, how to calculate net cut/fill values, how to create building pads, and how to add site...


SketchUp Tutorial - Creating topo line work and shells from a Google Earth import.

Many landscape architects and other design professionals look to current technologies to help perform everyday actvities. Sometimes waiting for or paying for...


Autodesk Revit Tutorials: 03 Adding Topographic Surface

In this tutorial i add a topographic suface to my project, and also make a 3d View Autodesk Revit Tutorials: 03 Adding Topographic Surface.


SketchUp Tips and Tricks: Creating Contour Lines from Google Earth Terrain

Tip for Landscape modeling in SketchUp.


How to Use and Read a Topographic Map - Compass Tutorial Navigation Course - Lesson 6

I show you how to use and read a topographic map in this compass navigation tutorial. This is the single most important skill you need for backcountry naviga...


3D Topography Modeling Tutorial For Landscape Architects

A quick tutorial made specifically for a university graduate design studio but is still applicable to anyone outside the university. Subscribe to see other t...


SketchUp: Drawing Terrain and Landscapes

David is back with another tutorial for SketchUp 8, this time using an extension to help draw terrain. You will no longer be limited to drawing on flat land....


04_extra - Rhino Topography from contours

Some folks were have trouble creating their terrain surface from the traced contours. Here is a quick tutorial to help using the Patch command to successfull...


Topography from Google Earth

Grab accurate topography data from Google Earth via Sketchup, and convert to NURBS geometry in Rhino.


Topography Kerchief Knitting Pattern Tutorial

This is a short tutorial to accompany my "Topography Kerchief" knitting pattern available on Ravelry.


Revit 2014 Creating A Topo Surface



Plotting 3D topography using Rhino 3D

This video is a tutorial that demonstrates how to draw a 3D topographic landscape using Rhino 3D. Don't forget to like and subscribe.



Creating a topographic profile (cross-section)


Generating a Topographic Mass in AutoCAD - Part 1

Visit for full tutorial.

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