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Solar space power: the tipping point: John C. Mankins at TEDxGoodenoughCollege

TEDxGoodenoughCollege combines the unique format and beauty of TED with the ingenuity and reach of the post-graduate community of Goodenough College ...


BCSEA Webinar: The Electric Car - How will we pass the tipping point ?

John Stonier provided his insightful and first-hand knowledge of electric cars: - What are the key metrics to evaluate electric cars -- for the environment; ...


14 Million Farmers Threatened by Rising Sea Levels from Climate Change

Dr. John Holdren, president of American Association for the Advancement of Science, predicts a possible 4-meter sea level rise by end of the century. Dr. Jam...


Let's Look At - Fate of the World

Fate of the World is a card-based strategy game that finds you trying to save the world from the effects of climate change and rising fuel shortages. It's wa...


The Climate Question: Degrees of Change - Part 2

Climate change has become one of the biggest, most complex issues of our time. And the warnings from some of the world's leading scientists are getting loude.


Our extreme weather and climate future.

Extreme weather is intensifying under rapid climate change. When will it stabilize, and where will we be?


APES PPM Tutorial 2009-10-29_1133

Captured by ccbouma.


U.N. Climate Panel Issues Dire Warning of Threat to Global Food Supply, Calls For Action (2/2) - The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has issued its most dire warning yet about how greenhouse ...


Geo Data Portal: Translating Climate Data for Geographic Analysis The Geo Data Portal (GDP) was developed with support from the National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center ...


2012 06 05 - SEA Change webinar "Climate Resilience: A Simpler Way to Approach Adaptation Practice"

Summary: Planning for adaptation is an urgent issue both to avoid public and private investments that make potential climate impacts worse, and to begin to i...


Can Climate Change Shut Down the Indian Monsoon? (Climate Tipping Points)

India's annuals summer monsoon - the sole water source for much of the country's agriculture - could be affected by an "atmospheric brown cloud" developing o.


Dr. McDonald - Climate Change & Economic Meltdown - How to Plan P1

Dr. Michael McDonald, Global Resilience Initiatives joins Thom Hartmann. The planet is warming at an unprecedented rate and financial markets are becoming ...


Climate Change Update (18 December 2012)Photographs "doctored" at multiple US nuclear power plants

Report: Photographs "doctored" at multiple US nuclear power plants (VIDEO) Leaking barge spilled fuel oil in New York City waterway http:.


Public Lands & Climate Change Symposium - Part 3

Clean Energy Strategies for Environmental Sustainability - Daniel M. Kammen, Professor, Energy and Resources Group, Director, Public Policy, Renewable and ...


Communicating Climate Change in Nepal

The consequences of climate change will be devastating for a mountainous country like Nepal. Recent reports show Nepal's temperature will rise by up to 3 deg.


NASA Climate Change Shifting Distribution of Summer Temperature Anomalies, 1951-2011

Follow ClimateState For more information visit the official NASA release website:


How should we address climate change?

This is a global problem, with global solutions. Question: How should we address climate change? Mike Gravel: Should be a global solution. Who thinks that th...


The Burning Embers: Climate Change Scientist Dr. Stephen Schneider on the State of Our Pla (1/2) • AW1028; Aired on 8 Jul 2009(in English and subtitles in 25 other languages) Dr Stephen Schneider explains how Earth is on the ...


Climate change .mp4

The world is such a beautiful place we need to become more active to protect our enviorment. I could not fit in all the amazing photographs there are in this...


Climate Change Consensus Building 2012

CDKN and PwC would like to invite you to attend a dialogue via webcast on whether consensus building in international climate change talks is the way to save...

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