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Coolea Slide - Toy Accordion (Melodeon)

My Toy Accordion/ Melodeon Playlist: This tune is being played from Kathleen Harte's book ...


WSTOYR - Red Woodstock Toy Piano Accordion 8 $35 Email: [email protected] Red Woodstock Toy Piano Accordion Piano Accordion 7.5" 17/8 3lbs Reeds 1/1 M, Registers 0/0 Ages ...


I've Heard That Song Before

This song is called I've Heard That Song Before. It was written by Jule Styne and Sammy Cahn. It came out of an old Liberace book.


Hebrew lesson / Important words

Our language lesson at the Ulpan (hebrew school for new immigrants) today, with the important vocabulary of the actual situation -- hm, it speaks for itself,...


Master Joe Petersen - You Don't Have To Tell Me, I Know..wmv

Master Joe Petersen singing You Don't Have To Tell Me, I Know. a personal favourite of mine.


Hebrew Numbers from 11 till 19

In this video we can count in hebrew from eleven till 10 Here the links for the hebrew numbers from 0 till 10 ...


Project Zapatitos - help the barefoot children of Bolivia

Help us help a Child! We believe: • Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something • Do what you can and do it with love. (Mother Theresa) • If you ...


Rhonda Denny Trunk Show - Part Two

Rhonda Denny shares her stories and quilts in this delightful and lightly humorous trunk show.


Somewhere In Fogga Bogga - Toy Accordion (Child Prodigy)

Instrument: Toy Diatonic Button Accordion (Melodeon). Tune: Somewhere In Fogga Bogga Key: C Musician: Hector Awol Date: May, 2010.

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