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Supernatural: Abaddon Makeup Tutorial

Clown video for SAFER stitching alternative: The way I did the stitching in the video was more for dramatic ...


Tutorial: Supernatural Demon Eyes

Here is a tutorial on how to make the demon eyes from the television show Supernatural, Please let me know what you think and leave a comment. Let me know ...


Make Rubys Knife from Supernatural - Collaboration Video

This is a tutorial on how to make Ruby's Demon Slayer knife from the TV series Supernatural. It is a fun and easy project and you just need a few supplies.


Dean Winchester (Supernatural) makeup tutorial by Anastasiya Shpagina

Dean Winchester is a fictional character and one of the two protagonists of The CW Television Network's Supernatural. He is mainly portrayed by Jensen Ackles, ...


Miss Fame - SuperNatural Blonde Makeup Tutorial

Miss Fame is transformed into the “SuperNatural Blonde”. A step-by-step drag makeup tutorial which reveals the natural beauty within your faces. Inspired by the ...


[HQ] Lullaby - Carry on my Wayward Son (Supernatural) - Piano tutorial ( Synthesia )

Hi friends, I put all my videos in playlist, so I suggest you to go to the playlists to avoid wasting time! In short you can directly access the category of music you want. :) Playlists :...


Supernatural Dean's Amulet Polymer Clay Tutorial / Arcilla Polimérica Collaboration

If you're a fan of the Supernatural series, then you must be somewhat paranoid. So here's a pendant that will keep you safe from bad mojo. Watch Will's video: ...


Adobe Photoshop Tutorial - Supernatural Filmposter

Fabian Wybiralla erklärt wie man in Photoshop den Supernatural "Filmposter-Effekt" erstellen kann. Hier sind seine Links aufgelistet: ▻▻▻Facebook (Fabian ...


Halloween 'Supernatural Demon' Tutorial | TheBeautyList

Super creepy, super effective, yet ridiculously easy. This tutorial is based entirely around the appearance of one possessed by a demon in the TV show ...


Tutorial:NO crochet braids needed, Get you a BOMB Removable, Super Natural, NO HEAT, hairstyle

Removable Super Natural Hairstyle My instagram: Music Provided by ...


Supernatural Nail Art Tutorial (REQUEST)

For all you Supernatural fans out there, I hope you like this quick simple tutorial! Please share recreations with me on facebook or twitter! I really love getting to ...


After Effects Tutorial: Supernatural Intro

This tutorial teaches you how to create an intro, similar to the title sequence used in the Supernatural in Adobe After Effects. Footages: ...


Supernatural Castiel Nail art tutorial

Thanks for watching! C: I'm going to a SuperWhoLock convention this weekend and I'm going to cosplay Castiel. So I thought that a Cas design would be great!


Flyleaf's Supernatural Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to play Flyleaf's song Supernatural. There are a couple of errors in making this video such as when I say the five fret reach goes to the ...



This SFX makeup tutorial is for the Mark of Cain from the television series Supernatural. If you're planning on cosplaying Dean Winchester anytime soon, this ...


Alien SFX Makeup Tutorial (Supernatural Creatures Collaboration)

Learn how to recreate this very traditional looking Alien creature! I added some octopus looking tentacles, but other than that, it has the classic big black eyes ...


Supernatural Demon Eyes tutorial

Just a quick and easy tutorial to teach even the newest to photoshop how to recreate the demon eyes seen on the show, Supernatural, using Photoshop CS5!


ABADDON SUPERNATURAL | Halloween Tutorial!

hey! ive been wanting to film a tutorial for Abaddon for agessssss and finally got around to it yesterday! I hope you guys like it! make sure to give it a thumbs up, ...


Miss Fame - SuperNatural Blonde Makeup Tutorial

Miss Fame is transformed into the “SuperNatural Blonde”. A step-by-step drag makeup tutorial which reveals the natural beauty within your faces. Inspired by the ...


Castiel Make-Up Tutorial ││ SUPERNATURAL ││

I hope it will be helpful! Quite a few people have nicely asked me to do a little tutorial about how I cosplay Castiel and more specifically his make up. I don't own ...

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