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Video Quality Inspector

VQI is a software based tool for subjective video quality evaluation based on ITU.T J.144 algorithm.


V.I.O. POV Exposure Control Settings Firmware Upgrade

The latest upgrade in firmware for the V.I.O. POV product line improves overall subjective video quality by offering several new user selectable exposure ...


Redefining ITU-T P.912 Recommendation Requirements for Subjects of Quality Assessments in Recognitio

The transmission and analysis of video is often used for a variety of applications outside the entertainment sector, and generally this class of video is used to ...


Error-Resilient H.264AVC Video Transmission Using Two-Way Decodable Variable Length Data Block.wmv

Standard video coders utilize variable length coding (VLC) to obtain more data compression in addition to what lossy coding has achieved at the expense of ...


Using video

Learn how to use video on your myTouch phone from T-Mobile.


MyTouch - Hero Remix

I redid my MyTouch/Hero video and added a couple more examples of what this ROM can do. For guides on how to do this visit the forums at ...


T-Mobile MyTouch 3G review

Video credit: Mark Milian / Los Angeles Times T-Mobile released its second cellphone based on Google's Android operating system last week. I've been testing ...


iPhone 3G S video quality upload test

Just a quick video to see the quality of the video from the new iPhone 3G S The video took under 30 seconds to upload over WiFi.


MyTouch vs. iPhone 3GS 3G speed test to ign

We tested the MyTouch vs the new iPhone 3GS on Who could load up the quickest on the 3G network.


T-Mobile myTouch 3G playing Transformers The Movie

I love this phone! It can do many amazing things and it's very customizable. (***watch this in HD***) (also known as the HTC Magic phone) I used Format factory ...


SVC Tool for Subjective Quality of Experience Evaluation

A software tool for subjective quality of experience evaluation dedicated to adapted SVC video stream, used in the context of the FP7 ENVISION Project ...


iSeeU Review


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