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Expanding Foam Tutorial

Want to learn more? Check out my book for only 5$: Don't forget to activate subtitles! If you want to know more about my work, visit my...


Get big 80s style rocker hair with Zoella - All Things Hair

Get big, BIG backcombed hair! Zoella shows you how to unleash your inner rock star with a high-volume, wild 80s hairstyle. An easy, fun look to achieve with ...


RC Painting 101 -- Lexan body basics w/ spray paint

URC is as active as ever at ! If you have RC-related questions or want to share your own experiences, sign up for the free & fr...


Locken ohne Lockenstab/Glätteisen! (TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe Casual)

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EVA foam armor: The Basics

More projects on my facebook page at: The description really says it all you guys! In this video I give you t...


Polymer Clay Faux Fordite Wire Weave Pendant Tutorial (Intro)

Video #609: This is the first (intro) clip for a 6 part (paid) tutorial series... Faux Fordite Wire Weave Pendant... More Info:


Toni and Guy sea salt spray review

How I use the toni and guy sea salt spray on my hair :)


Mini Tutorial: Heat Forming Craft Foam

I decided to film a mini tutorial about heat forming craft foam. Hopefully some of you guys find this useful! If you have any questions, leave them in the co...


Textured Tousled Waves Hair Tutorial | TRESemmé Style Setters

TRESemmé stylist Jeanie Syfu demonstrates how to create tousled, dual-texture waves with our Style Setter Reporter Louise Roe. This look was inspired by ...


Harley Quinn mask tutorial

greetings soon to be masked super-heroes and/or super-villains!!!! ...or regular heroes and/or villains... ~~ANNOUNCEMENT~~ my etsy shop is now open: ...


How to Shape Your Eyebrows (Tips and Tricks)

Quick guide to achieving eyebrows that suit and compliment your face shape. Of course, you can shape your eyebrows however you please. Connect with me: ...


Catherine Wig Cosplay (with drill curls!) Tutorial!

Being a cosplayer, it is sometimes hard to figure out how to do something for a costume. One of the hardest things I have come across is the drill curl hairs...


Car body repair - Panel beating and spraying - General repair - Tips of the trade

Produced independantly, not for re-distribution. Part 1 of 4. Car body repair's by Andy. More to come. Be sure to rate, comment and subscribe! Constructive c...


Extend a NAIL Without a Tip or a Form

I wanted to show you all how to extend a nail if you have no forms or tips but still want to get the strength that both extensions offer on your nail th...


Styling Sundays: How I Style My Hair

Here's a new one for you guys! This week I'm mixing' things up with my Styling Sundays and introducing my first tutorial! Here I show you guys how I style my...


GFRC Spraying Vertical plus form tips

GFRC -Spraying a vertical facecoat plus forming tips Contact Trinic: Follow us on Facebook: ...


Toni & Guy Tousled Waves How To - Priceline Pinky Awards

The Toni & Guy range is available in Priceline stores or online: To find your nearest stockist, call Customer Service on 1300 88 44 11 ...


Great Holding Product for Natural Hair + Tutorial on How it's Used

READ MEEEEEEEEEE :) Nail polish Essie: Greenport -I don't use this product on my scalp so I cannot attest to the "anti itch formula". -I use the product as n...


Carbonfiber Skinning or Wrapping Tutorial - Ironman & Spiderman Mask

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Craft Foam Armor Tutorial-Bracers

Super easy craft foam bracer! Craft Foam is easy to work with and is very flexible. This bracer took less than 2 hours to create (dry time not accounted for)...

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