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Sour gas

Sour gas is natural gas or any other gas containing significant amounts of hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Natural gas is usually considered sour if there are more than ...


Sour Gas Drilling Exercise.mp4

A video record of Alberta's ERCB examination of a rig evacuation in case of a sour gas blowout.


Principles of Gas Processing

A clip from the DVD available at


Pipefix Solutions PipeRepair Tutorial 2

Pipefix Solutions - Stop It Pipe Repair Tutorial 2.


ProMax Training Foundations Course - Exercise 3 (Simple MDEA Sweetening Unit Part 1 of 2)

An example is shown from the ProMax Examples folder to present a solved amine sweetening unit simulation. This provides a method to discuss the process for ...


What is LNG? Turning natural gas into liquid

As global demand for natural gas grows, companies are using advanced technology to transport it from source to customers. Gas can be piped over relatively ...


Materials Science Mechanical Engineering - Part 3 Corrosion Explained

Materials 101 Part 3 of the 'Mega Mechatronics Boot Camp Series'. Don't let corrosion destroy your next project, learn how corrosion works and how to prevent it ...


BG Petroluem Products For Quest Auto Centers

(USA) BG Petroleum Products For Quest Auto Center (Nig) Generator Lube Services: Products Description & Tutorial Call Raphael In The USA; +009- ...


R&H Supply - Flow Line Equipment Suppliers, Oilfield drilling supplies

Red swivel joints are designed for the critical service conditions that exist in fracturing, cementing, acidizing, and well testing. Hammer Unions are manufactured ...


Gas plant flare, near Roggen, Colorado

What I see from my front porch, almost 24/7: humanity's carbon footprint, writ large. The noise you hear is the sound of the gas processing machinery. the flare is ...


SHANNON YOUNG, Nexen Energy ULC, Lexpert 2013 Rising Star

Go to the Rising Stars website at for more information about this year's event. Here is this Lexpert Rising Star's bio from the ...


Chesapeake MSDS Sheets for Truman Cowboy Stadium Drilling

I smelled rotten eggs at (driving by) the GM drill site when the rig was up a couple/few years ago. I called 911 and complained about the area smelling like Norco ...


Compressor Video Final

Southern States Millwrights are Now Taking a New Compressor Training at the Houston, Texas Newly Renovated Gulf Coast Millwright Training Center.


does the washing plant helps to get better manganese content

Frequently Asked Questions About Iron Manganese: Manganese Washing Plant | Manganese: ...


Vancouver Action Network finds leaking gas pipe with FLIR Gasfindir camera April 20, 2014

Vancouver Action Network discovered this leaking gas pipe at Williams (gas) Vancouver meter gauge in NW Vancouver, WA on April 20, 2014 using the FLIR ...


Schizophyllan - Ein Pilz hilft bei der Erdölförderung

Schizophyllan-Feldtestleiter: Alexander Steigerwald ist Betriebsleiter für die norddeutsche Öl- und Gasproduktion von Wintershall. In dieser Eigenschaft ...


Pipe lining Unit Offroad



slope erosion Velocity



Natural gas compressors galore!

Storage lot in Washington Pennsylvania for natural gas compressors used to move gas through pipelines around the Marcellus Shale.


petroleum refining basics

Since I stumbled on Project Kaisei, and they were talking about cracking the plastics for diesel fuel... time to post this.

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