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Adam and Eve Bible Study from Genesis - How Adam and Eve Fell in the Garden of Eden

Tutorial about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden at We see in the Story of Adam ...


"The Survivor Series"

Each day people all over the world are met with unrelenting challenges, catastrophes and circumstances that threaten their existence. Through the sin of Adam, ...


god made me

This cute video shows all the creations that god made.


2011 - And God Created Sinners

God as the Original Sinner? Why did God create temptations if man were not to fall into them? Why did god create the sin and the sinners? Does the sin justify ...


Ghost Love Score HD

Amy and I play/sing Ghost Love Score by Nightwish! :D Lyrics: We used to swim the same moonlight waters Oceans away from the wakeful day - My fall will be ...


I Am A True Christian But Why Do I Still Sin?



How to improve the personality of a child after 12 years- HON: MM AKBAR @NICHE OF TRUTH

Are you a positive parent? -Hon.M M Akbar explains how to do good parenting I I


Christadelphian Teaching The Constitution of Sin (Deut 6:1-17)

From Elpis Israel: According to this physical law, the Seed of the woman was born into the world. The nature of Mary was as unclean as that of other women; and ...

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