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basic silversmithing lesson making a turquoise ring

here he shows the basics of making a ring lesson watch learn from a master silversmith.


silversmithing tutorial, how to fabricate carved antler pendant

making a necklace from a carved piece of antler with a faceted stone accent.



Hi guys!!! here is a tutorial on how to make a simple hammered sterling silver ring. I am by no means a professional silversmith, however I love doing this as a ...


helpful hints with bezel setting stones tutorial silver smithing

this is a video that was shot when i went on my trip to washington, i had this pendant made with gem silica and ox blood coral and a sunstone. nicoli and i shot ...


FULL silversmithing lesson, MAKING a ring, tutorial help with solder and flux

silversmithing a ring can be complex, this might help beginning to end.


how to make a custom prong setting for odd stone silversmithing tutorial

here is my friend and mentor nicoli,.. making a custom silver setting for a sunstone in my necklace,.. this is the proper way to make a custom bezel setting the other way a total mistake.


How to draw Silversmith - Drawing Tutorial Video

Learn How to draw Silversmith with the best drawing tutorial online. For the full tutorial with step by step & speed control visit: ...


Silversmith Makeup Tutorial

Visit my blog: I forgot to mention that someone requested I do a video of using my new Heirloom brushes, so that's what I did in this ...


Lapidary George Tutorial on Stone Cutting - 2

George, a lapidary on the North Shore for 40 years, takes us from start to finish with a rough boulder form stone to a cabochon with a great polish. Learn about ...


Lapidary George Tutorial on Stone Cutting - 1

George, a lapidary on the North Shore for 40 years, takes us from start to finish with a rough boulder form stone to a cabochon with a great polish. Learn about ...


How to make a sterling silver infinity knot ring in any size -Professional Metalsmith Series

Metalsmith tinahdee shows how to to make a sterling silver infinity ring from silver wire to finish in this tutorial from her Professional Metalsmith Series.


Silversmith of Williamsburg

Explore the basics of silversmithing from the colonial times of Paul Revere. This lost art is still facisnating to learn about. Brought to you by The Silver Queen ...


Sterling silver infinity ring tutorial

Learn how to make infinity love knot ring in the very informative video! I recommend you see my other related videos as well on how to solder, remove firescale ...


Make Silver Jewelry - How to cast free form silver pendants

This tutorial will explain the tools required, the techniques involved and show you the finished product. This is an inexpensive way to get a little touch of ...


How to polymer clay bead tutorial EASY PEEZE

How to make polymer clay beads great for beginners and the experienced polymer clay artists. This polymer clay bead tutorial is easy and fun! Enjoy creating!


Passion of a Navajo Silversmith, Aaron Anderson

Watch a bracelet be made from start to finish in 7 min. Listen to the passion of a leader in Navajo Jewelry. Aaron Anderson master silversmith gives us a glimpse ...


Polymer clay rainbow beads cane tutorial

How to make polymer clay rainbow beads. In this easy polymer clay tutorial for begainers and experts I show you how to make a polymer clay rainbow cane then ...


Alan the Silversmith

Alan shares some personal notes about his learning the art of Silversmithing and shows a pendant he made, consisting of silver, copper and honey mesquite ...


Polymer clay bird tutorial

how to make a polymer clay bird. This is a great beginners project! This bird polymer clay tutorial is so easy and cute! ♥SUBSCRIBE♥ ...


full how to silversmithing lesson, sterling necklace from carved antler

here is another full video of nicoli demonstrating his expertise in the metalsmith category,he explains it all,enjoy.

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