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Confucius said ~孔子曰~2012~May~24

人是性本善良人还是自幼性本恶ren shi xing ben shan liang ren huan shi zi you xing ben e 谁会好一天变坏谁会凶恶变善良shui hui hao yi tian bian huai shui...


Chinese Wisdom series - Philosophy of Confucius, Laozi & Zhuangzi for Middle / High School Students

View product detail here: This is the BetterChinese video preview of our ...


Chapter 6: Daoism & Confucianism (3 of 3)



Gong Xi Gong Xi (恭喜恭喜) on piano

7 yr old Zoe plays and sings Gōng Xǐ Gōng Xǐ 恭喜恭喜(Chinese New Year song) on piano. She played this song and Yóu Zǐ Yín 游子吟(Song of a Wanderer) in ...


We are Descendants of the Dragon - LSE Confucius Business Institute performance 2012

Performance at Hove Town Hall, by a number of University Chinese Departments including the LSE's Conficius Business Institute on Chinese New Year's Day ...


Guqin - anyin

Guqin ZHAO Xiaoxia This video is presented by Music Confucius Institute at The Royal Danish Academy of Music as part of the information material for ...


[FTU_CC_SMTH_sk] Xiao Yao Zui Hao 00353.MTS



Chinese Musical Instruments - The Pipa

[Ben] "Well I'm here in the studio with Vivian Ge, she plays the traditional Chinese musical instrument, the Pipa and she's going to be telling us a little bit about ...


Simon Ma "Heart Water Ink" World Exhibition 2014

Following the success of the previous exhibitions " The Soul - Drago and Cavallo" and "Ink Brush Art", Simon Ma goes back to his preferred subject, Nature, and ...


Huo / Fire

Learn how to say and spell "fire" in Mandarin Chinese.


Chinese Bridge Talent Show Guzheng

The 2014 7th Alberta Chinese Bridge Competition for Elementary, Junior & Senior High School Students.


Commentary on Dao De Jing Ch 16

Unpacking page 100 of Ames and Hall's translation and commentary of the Dao De Jing. Fair Use is claimed since I'm sharing this for educational purposes in ...


Chinese Board Games "Mahjong"

Chinese Chess (Xiangqi), This is a common site around much of china where most of the gentlemen would sit together and share a game of Chinese chess in ...


How to Pronounce Han

Learn how to say words in English correctly with Emma Saying free pronunciation tutorials. Over 140000 words were already uploaded... Check them out!


HCI Mid Autumn Festival (MAF) 2014 {Extended version}

HCI Mid Autumn Festival 2014 (Post-Event Special Extended Version) Original version (shown at actual event): A SENSORIUM ...


Ancient Tales of Wisdom - Teachings for Enlightening Children Part 3

Hello and welcome, my name is Grace Mann, todays Ancient Tale of Wisdom, is the final of the 3 part series - Teachings for Enlightening Children. Teachings for ...


From Mohism's Book of Mozi:Book 1 - Indulgence in Excess From Mohism's Book of Mozi:Book 1 - Indulgence in Excess (In Chinese). Episode: 1147, Air Date: 4 November 2009.


Beijing disabled dancers debut in Penang

A group of disabled performers from Beijing captured the crowd with their two-hour charity performance at the Penang Chinese Town Hall Sunday.


Learn a Chinese Phrase: "Lose 3 Forget 4"

What does it mean to "lose 3 forget 4" in Chinese?


Castile's Humiliation [48] California Superstates Mod Europa Universalis 4

Welcome to Shenryyr2 plays California in the Superstates mod for Europa Universalis 4. Try out this fun mod! Superstates mod: ...

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