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My Re-Baptism

If you never ever got Baptist I encourage and suggest you should the best feeling ever.


Tommy Connolly Comedian Reborn Parkview Christian Church

August 2, 2009 I was 6 months sober and was rebaptized wiyh my wife! Thanks Parkview Church and Billy Hollems....


Glory Of Love played on "The Giant"

NEO playing the David Foster production Glory Of Love on the world's biggest piano, The Giant as it was rebaptized by Native Instruments! David Klavins, Germ.



We, artists, are like fervent believers who fight for "the gods above the clouds" in the time of capitalism in Europe. The web of demands for our work to be ...


Up Where We Belong on "Klavin's Modell 370i"

Pianist & Singer NEO playing the fabulous "Giant", the biggest piano in the world built by mastermind piano manufacturer David Klavins who assisted the recor...


Carmen sings He Wants It All .MP4

14 year old Carmen playing piano and singing "He Wants It All"


DVR software Screenshot

software but in calendar. Random and erratic scrolling.


xg conference promo 09

XG conference 2009 "Relentless." March 20-21 @ ACH in Gonzales, La $10/person Guest speaker Pastor Jared Savoy To register and get more info visit ...


How to make a herobrine photo in Photoshop CS6 (OLD)

This is just a fun little trick to play on your friends if you want (there was audio but hyper cam messed that up so I added music instead! (i made herobrine...


Dame Tus Ojos

Carmen singing at Millennium SDA.


Chocolate Mint Eyes!!!

visit: music produced by: drums by: ...


Ogden Kraut Dream Mine Interview / Prophecies of John Koyle 2/04/2001 - LDS / Mormon Truth

The Dream Mine / Relief Mine RJ From Morning Liberty Radio interviews Ogden Kraut & Mike Rigby Who was John Koyle? 2:18-7:15 Quote from Ogden Kraut's ...


Animations Coming Soon



Familia de Dios baptism April 2013

David, Mario, Merito and others get baptized. Also David Rios and his family get a faith garden.


Sumptuous Olive Smokey Eye!!

View list of products used at


Self Baptism. Can I Baptise Myself Without Baptismal Witnesses?

Self-baptisms (also known as "auto-baptisms") If the validity of baptism depends upon who the baptizer is, we would effectively have a system of priesthood w...


Carmen Leading Worship

13 Year Old Carmen leads the New Hope SDA Church in Worship on Saturday Aug 14, 2010.


SISID, BAUTISMO EN RIO JORDAN, Mar de Galilea Israel 2011.wmv

Visita y butismo en Rios Jordan, Esrael en el 2011, en la gira de Educadores para Pueblos Indígenas en Sudamérica.


Baptisms - September 22, 2013 - Second Service



Give Me the Bible #41 - What about the Thief on the Cross?

Since the thief on the cross didn't have to be baptized, does that mean we don't?

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