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Logic Pro X - Video Tutorial 03 - Sample Rate, Bit Depth, I/O Buffer, Setting up for Recording

In this video we take a look at: 1. Setting up for recording 2. Adding a Guitar or Bass track 3. Understanding Sample Rate 4. Understanding Bit Depth 5. Unde...


Minecraft: Sixth Rate Ship of the Line Tutorial

Tutorial Level - Advanced You are free to use my designs on your world or server as long as you give me credit for the design itself. Also if you post it any...


Minecraft: First Rate Ship of the Line Tutorial (HMS Victory)

My complete version of my First Rate ship of the line, HMS Victory. Hope you guys enjoy this build. You are free to use my designs on your world or server as...


Frame Rate Tutorial

This video is about the differences in animation quality when you adjust the frame rate of your films. I made this video to accompany an article I wrote for ...


#96: Tutorial on Digital Oscilloscope sample rate, record length and data processing

This video gives a basic tutorial on how typical digital oscilloscopes (DSO) process data from the analog input to the display. Topics include Sample Rate, S...


Tutorial How to Ship a Padded Flat Rate Envelope Ebay

Easy stepos on How to Ship a Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelope for ebay or any other situation. Here's the link to where to get free Padded Flat Rate E...


FIFA 15 Custom Tactics Tutorial | How to use Custom Tactics + Work Rate Help | Best FIFA Guide

FIFA 15 Tutorials & Tips - Custom Tactics (Best FIFA 15 Guide)--- Can we get 1000 likes? USE "DIRTY" for 5% OFF ...


Polar Heart Rate Monitor Unboxing and Tutorial!

Heart Rate Facts:


Chemistry Tutorial 9.01b: Factors Affecting Reaction Rate

How catalysts, inhibitors, temperature, pressure, concentration and surface area affect the rate of a chemical reaction.


Minecraft: First Rate Ship of the Line Tutorial (HMS VIctory) - Part 2 Interior

Hey guys this is just a few ideas for the interior design, Going to do a part 3 for the full sails, as it's taking me a little longer than expected. You are ...


After Effects : Animated Heart Rate Monitor. (+Tutorial)

if you liked it :) Here is an animated EKG Heart Rate Monitor made using Adobe After Effects CS5. A different tutorial : http://library.creativecow...


Cypress PSoC Creator Tutorial with Heart Rate Example Demonstrating the new PSoC 3.1 ...


Predetermined Overhead Rate and Overhead Applied (Managerial Accounting Tutorial #26)

The predetermined overhead rate is used to determine how much overhead is applied to a product or job. We take the budgeted overhead amount and divide by ...


Timex Ironman Road Trainer Heart Rate Monitor: review and tutorial

Review and tutorial of the Road Trainer Heart Rate Monitor by Timex.


GoPro High Frame Rate | High FPS | 48fps 60fps Tutorial

GoPro High Frame Rate | High FPS | 48fps 60fps Tutorial Learn about using your GoPro Hero camera with high frame rate videos in real world situations with Fr..


Audio Basics - Understanding Sample Rate In this occasional series on audio basics by Andrew Devis, Andrew explains what audio ...


MapMyRun Heart Rate Tutorial

Whether your fitness goal is weight loss, maximizing performance or improving your overall health, heart rate training is the most effective way to track you...


Sports Tracker Heart Rate Monitor 2 Tutorial

A tutorial video of Sports Tracker app and the Sports Tracker hrm2.


Choosing a DSLR frame rate | tutorial, DSLR Video Tips series

This specific tutorial is from the DSLR Video Tips series presented by authors Rich Harrington and Robbie Carman. The complete DSLR Video Tips ...


Google AdWords Advanced Tutorial 1 - How To Improve Your Conversion Rate Learn the four essential factors that influ.

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