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Video abstract - L. Mazzola & S. Maniscalco

L. Mazzola, J. Piilo and S. Maniscalco "Sudden transition between classical and quantum decoherence", Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 200401 (2010) arxiv:1001.5441.



Energetic Condensation Growth of Nb films for SRF accelerators (Mahadevan Krishnan - 30') Speaker: Mahadevan Krishnan - Alameda Applied Sciences ...


Murray Gell-Mann on Quantum Mechanics

Murray Gell-Mann briefly shares with us how the fundamental laws of physics, combined with the plethora of random statistical distributions can generate ...


Incoherent Scatter Radar



Quantum Computing Day 1: Introduction to Quantum Computing

Google Tech Talks December, 6 2007 ABSTRACT This tech talk series explores the enormous opportunities afforded by the emerging field of quantum ...


Teleportation: Fact vs. Fiction

Gilles Brassard, co-discoverer of quantum teleportation, separates fact from science fiction (and throws in some Star Trek trivia) during an interview at the ...


Waveforms - Synths Explained

Discover the basics of synthesis and get a guided tour of the synth and the waveforms used to create sounds. You can purchase these videos here: ...


Lesson 37 Quantum Teleportation, No Cloning Theorem

Prep for final exam, Time rate of change of an observable's expectation value depends on it's commutator with the Hamiltonian. No Cloning theorem explained ...


HO Eigenstate decoherence (fast time scale)

Wigner function of a harmonic oscillator (n=4) eigenstate under environmental decoherence. Numerically simulated using Crank-Nicolson scheme.


Quantum Teleportation Explained.flv



Schrodinger cat state decoherence

Evolution of a Schrondinger cat state Wigner function under decoherence in phase space. Implemented using the Crank-Nicolson scheme.


The unity and oneness of Infinity.

The best images from the Hubble Space Telescope of deep space, galaxies, planetary nebula and star clusters. The images are overlaid with a theory on the ...


Line Rider 7 LOOPS! Super Cool

Pretty sweet linerider i made 7 loops... hope you enjoy.


NCI Director's Update at the National Cancer Advisory Board Meeting, December 2010

NCI Director, Harold Varmus, updates the National Cancer Advisory Board (NCAB) in December 2010 about NCI's budget for 2011, scientific advances ...


Quantum Resistor-Capacitor Circuit with Majorana Fermions

By: Mahn-Soo Choi, Korea University, Seoul, Korea - Date: 2014-04-02 14:30:00 - Description: As electronic circuit is miniaturized on the nanometer scale, ...


Decoherence Sandbox Prototype [Popcorn]

I built a popcorn machine in my sandbox prototype.


Quantum Teleportation - Short Description

Description of quantum teleportation procedure. Original credit goes to Phil Magnini (


Quantum Entanglement , Spin, Bell State and Quantum Teleportation. A Math-free explanation: Part-IV.

I have explained the world most complicated subject in simplified manner. it is a math-free explanation of Quantum Entanglement, Spin, Bell State and Quantum ...


6. Entangled states

MIT 8.422 Atomic and Optical Physics II, Spring 2013 View the complete course: Instructor: Wolfgang Ketterle In this lecture, the ...


Problems with Inmendhams Quantum Interpretation of the Two Slit Experiment


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