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PheGenI: The Phenotype-Genotype Integrator

A January 2013 update to the PheGenI resource of dbGaP. Changes include: autocomplete search for Traits; example searches; source choice; and enhanced ...


A Beginner's Guide to Punnett Squares

Paul Andersen introduces the Punnett Square as a a powerful tool in genetic analysis. He tries to address major misconceptions that students have when use a ...


Acquired B Phenotype

This podlet is a ten minute (or so) tutorial on the famous but uncommonly seen "Acquired B Phenotype." Acquired B is extremely popular with test question ...


Genetics Vocabulary Tutorial

A video tutorial and review of important genetics concepts and vocabulary terms! Words like genes, DNA, alleles, genotype, phenotype, heredity, homozygous ...


The Phenomizer - A tutorial

A short tutorial on how to use the Phenomizer. Further links:


Punnett Square Tutorial

How to create a punnett square and find the phenotype ratio for multiple traits.


Association mapping using PLINK software

PLINK is a free, open-source whole genome association analysis toolset, designed to perform a range of basic, large-scale analyses in a computationally ...


Tutorial for Quality Control Web Application

This is a video tutorial on using the PhenoDCC web application for quality control of phenotype data.


Project Unity tutorial

Project Unity is a collaborative network to host, manage, analyze and share phenotypes and genotypes studies of plants and animals, provided for free to ...


Genotype and Phenotype

A brief introduction to phenotype and genotype for general biology students at Wood River High School. General Biology A Unit 5: Expressing Yourself.



Science Help at Brightstorm! The description of phenotype.


Punnett Square Tutorial

How to use punnett squares to determine genotypic and phenotypic ratio's.


Predicting the Genotypes and the Phenotypes of Offspring using the Punnett Square

This lesson presentation discusses the use of the Punnett Square in predicting the genotype and phenotype probabilities for my 6th Grade Project-Based Inquiry ...


Bioinformatics Module - Lecture Part 1 of 5 The Bioinformatics teaching module contains an image database, student tutorials, and online resources to ...


Difference Between Genotypes and Phenotypes

In this video, I show you the difference between Genotypes and Phenotypes. I define them both then show you examples. REMEMBER: Genotypes = What the traits ...


9.1.3 Genotype v. Phenotype



Learn Genotype and Phenotype; Incomplete and Codominance (Biota)

This is a brief introduction to the genotype and phenotype, as well as a quick demonstration on the distinction between codominance and incomplete dominance ...


Genotypic Ratios and Phenotypic Ratios for Punnett Squares



KBase Tutorial on Microbial Analysis and Model Building - part 2

Part 2 covering: - Viewing a model, adding a media, and flux balance analysis - Curating a model, loading phenotypes, and simulating phenotypes.


Effect of the environment on phenotype (B2.7-3.3)

A Brief description of how the environment can alter the phenotype of an organism without any change in the organisms genome.

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