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Linux Tutorial Series Part 02 (Securing Ubuntu 11.04)

For Linux beginners, I recommend to check out Linux Tutorial Series Part 01 to learn how to install Ubuntu. In this video, I'm gliding over how to secure Ubuntu.


Per Capita GDP



Income Per Capita

An Easy Overview Of Income Per Capita.


GDP & GDP per capita

"What does GDP even mean? I am so confused!" If you've uttered these words before, then watch this movie. You'll be glad you did!


Linux Tutorial Series Part 06 (Permissions for Files and Directories)

Linux was designed to be secure from very beginning. This is why it's so important for me to briefly introduce you to Linux's permission system for files and ...


Linux Tutorial Series Part 05 (Create custom partition layout for Ubuntu Installation)

In the first part of Linux Tutorial Series, I'd shown you how to install Ubuntu through using default partition layout that Ubuntu had created automatically for us.


GDP, GDP Per Capita, and the Standard of Living

Justin Hendrickson Econ Period 1 - created at


Linux Tutorial Series Part 03 (Installing and Uninstalling Software)

Linux Tutorial Series' Part 03 video is here to complete the Part 02 video. In Part 03 video , I'll go through the processes of installing and uninstalling software on ...


Linux Tutorial Series Part 09 - Backing Up Your Ubuntu Using Deja Dup Backup Tool or Rsync

OK, earlier parts of Linux Tutorial Series, I've talked of many things that you could do with Linux and Ubuntu, but it's rather pointless if your system got corrupted, ...


Linux Tutorial Series Part 08 - Networking and Static Virtual Private IP Addresses

When ethernet cable connect your Ubuntu machine with your router for the first time, Ubuntu usually receives a dynamic IP address automatically from router's ...


Linux Tutorial Series Part 07 (Graphic Card Drivers)

Ubuntu is great at recognizing what type of graphic card you have and enabling the right driver for it. Unfortunately, some graphic cards use proprietary drivers, ...


Mr. Modi scared of competing with developed states (Hindi Version)

Addressing a rally in Lucknow on March 2, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi boasted about his state's per capita income and compared it with Uttar Pradesh ...


Income in India

India's per capita income (nominal) was $ 1570 in 2013, ranked at 120th out of 164 countries by the World Bank, while its per capita income on purchasing ...


TrueCrypt Tutorial

If you're using Windows 7 Home Premium, this means you don't have the tool to encrypt files and folders unless you're using Windows 7 Ultimate. Nonetheless ...


Preparation on Vidnyan Ani Tantradnyan

Chapter : Chakra Jivanache There is undoubtly a strong relation between high national fertility rate and measures of poverty As the population density increases ...


Per Capita GDP

GDP: An Economist's Perspective, Part 1. Tom Cunningham, Vice President, Senior Economist, and Regional Executive of Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, ...


Basic Mac Tutorial

First time playing with Mac may not be easy for Windows users, because it's not Windows. This video helps speed up the process of learning Mac for users who ...


Macroeconomics - 68: GDP-PER-CAPITAL(per person)

Coverage: gdp-per-capita, Average standard of living, gdp growth rate, population growth rate, long-run growth, factor supply, labour, human capital, physical ...


Economics ISP: What is G.D.P?

This animation describes what the G.D.P is and shows the G.D.P per capita for Economics students'countries.


Calculation of per capita GDP

Sample calculation of per capita GDP. For, Principles of Macroeconomics by John Bouman.

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