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Part 2 of 3 on Gradebook and MP grades

This is the second part of the tutorial for those people who have been using the Gradebook in Powerteacher.


538. Will Christians Face The Great White Throne Judgement?

Dr. Norman Geisler describes what the Great White Throne judgement will entail.


533. What Kind Of Body Did Jesus Have After His Resurrection?

Dr. Norman Geisler describes the resurrected body of Jesus and how this models what believers' bodies will be like in Heaven.


I Don't Have Enough FAITH to Be an ATHEIST -Purchase 'I Don't Have Enough FAITH to Be an ATHEIST' by Frank Turek and Norman Geisler If someone claimed 'I Don't Have ...


O que é a Bíblia Capítulo I - A Criação do Deus bíblico | Parte I

Links interessantes: Paralelos aos Códigos Morais do Antigo Testamento: Link do blog Rebeldia Metafísica ...


117. How Do We Love God? With Simon Brace.

Special Guest Simon Brace joins us once again and answers the question "How do we Love God?" Recommended Book: "Love God with All Your Mind" by J.P. ...


Re: Part2 of 2 - The Godhead is the backdrop for the Gospel - Replace the Trinity Doctrine with THIS

Here is Website Show Called The Pride of Pharisee's To hear Watchmen's Radio Station & Chat Go Here!


Sistemática para o Planejamento Estratégico de Bibliotecas (pt01-03): Caso BCo/UFSCar

Apresentação: Eliane Colepicolo. Autoria: Roniberto Morato do Amaral (1, 3); Sheila Regina Rizzo (2); Jandira Ferreira de Jesus Rossi (1, 2); Ligia Maria Silva e ...


Calling all Calvinist

Compatibilist will often appeal to "paradox" or "antinomy" while discussing this issue. While compatibilist affirm both Gods absolute sovereignty and mans ...


DEBATE: John 3:16, Does "World" Always Mean Everybody Who Ever Lived or Not?

See our playlist called, "Dealing with Predestination, Arminianism & Calvinism" with 81 videos at


The Earth's Chronology (John MacArthur)

Post your comments here: John MacArthur explains how we can use the genealogical records from Genesis to help determine the earth's ...


RMIT PROTEST legal, moral spiritual arguments

Examines the legal position re the "Mosque" demand. Shows examples of Muslim behavior and the Quran's teaching about non Muslims.


An Astronomer's Quest - Hugh Ross, PhD

Astronomer and physicist Hugh Ross gives his testimony of his scientific journey from atheist to Christianity.


Monica Dennington: A Call to Repentance

A video responce to Monica's video "Calling All Calvinists: A Call To Repentance" Here is the video incase she doesn't allow my video response: ...


Why I'm a Zero Point Calvinist - Part 1 of 3.wmv

Refuting regeneration before faith and total depravity (inability).


Greg Koukl - Christians and Facebook

Taken from our blog, Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason answers the question "Is it good for Christians to debate non-Christians on Facebook?" For more ...


The Five Points of Calvinism

The 5 Points of Calvinism: T: Total Depravity U: Unconditional Election L: Limited Atonement I: Irresistible Grace P: Perseverance of the Saints If you want a more ...


(Sample) Layout Strategies for Better Bible Study

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Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow 1 of 7

Constance Cumbey gives a Lecture of the hidden Dangers of the New Age Movement. What is the link to Nazism and today's culture?


20 questions & life stories lol


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