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If God, Why Evil?

Moira Brown speaks with Norm Geisler about one of the most commonly asked questions, "If God exists, then why is there so much evil in the world?" Dr. Norm ...


511. What Do Catholics Believe?

Dr. Norman Geisler lays out the beliefs of Catholicism.


274. How Many Different Worldviews Are There?

Norman Geisler talks about the seven world-views.


Part 2 of 3 on Gradebook and MP grades

This is the second part of the tutorial for those people who have been using the Gradebook in Powerteacher.


I Don't Have Enough FAITH to Be an ATHEIST -Purchase 'I Don't Have Enough FAITH to Be an ATHEIST' by Frank Turek and Norman Geisler If someone claimed 'I Don't Have ...


Soul Bossa Nova for solo piano arr. Paul Geisler

My solo piano arrangement of "Soul Bossa Nova" AKA The Austin Powers Theme by Quincy Jones. If you would like PDF sheet music for this piece, please ...


Who Should Lead and Who Should Not: A Study in the Pastoral Epistles

When should a leader stop being a leader? When should a minister stop being a minister? When should a pastor stop being a pastor? Jacob Prasch takes us ...


Shepherds' Conference Summit 2015

video created by The Welch Group ( for The Shepherds' Conference ( promoting a special conference coming in ...


"A Fé do Dr. Russell Shedd" - Solano Portela (Trecho)

Trecho da Pregação: Download MP3: ...


Theological Content & Exegesis (part 1 of 3).wmv

NT512 Lecture: "Theological Content & Exegesis" (part 1 of 3) examines the Bible's theology and suggests some interpretive directions for the Bible's various ...


117. How Do We Love God? With Simon Brace.

Special Guest Simon Brace joins us once again and answers the question "How do we Love God?" Recommended Book: "Love God with All Your Mind" by J.P. ...


Jerry Walls describes the connection between grace and hell

Jerry Walls, author of "Hell: The Logic of Damnation" describes two views of grace that tend to determine how we think about hell. This is part of an extended interview ...


Calling all Calvinist

Compatibilist will often appeal to "paradox" or "antinomy" while discussing this issue. While compatibilist affirm both Gods absolute sovereignty and mans ...


Greg Koukl - Moral Relativism (3/6)

Part 3 of 6. "Moral Relativism: Feet Firmly Planted in Mid-air." Greg Koukl examines moral relativism in this talk at UCLA, and asks whether such a view is ...


An Astronomer's Quest - Hugh Ross, PhD

Astronomer and physicist Hugh Ross gives his testimony of his scientific journey from atheist to Christianity.


What is the Ascension of Jesus Christ and its Meaning/Importance? The Unlocking the Bible team talks about the importance of the ascension of ...


Refuting Objections to the Trinity (Part 1)

To help support this ministry click here: Many skeptics argue from scripture that the Trinity is not in the Bible.


Fethullah Gulen - Islam and Reincarnation

Fethullah Gulen | Questions and Answers about Islam | Reincarnation] Q: Is Reincarnation Compatible With Islam? A: Reincarnation (tanasukh) refers to the ...


Novo Manual de Usos e Costumes dos Tempos Biblicos

Adquira em


Bíblia de Estudo Palavras-Chave - CPAD

Há momentos em que uma palavra hebraica ou grega tem um significado tão distinto que a tradução em língua portuguesa não capta toda força do idioma ...

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