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If God, Why Evil?

Moira Brown speaks with Norm Geisler about one of the most commonly asked questions, "If God exists, then why is there so much evil in the world?" Dr. Norm ...


Part 2 of 3 on Gradebook and MP grades

This is the second part of the tutorial for those people who have been using the Gradebook in Powerteacher.


Eiskönigin völlig unver german link in beschreibun Viel spass leute der song aus dem video kommt auch im film vor.


276. What Is Panentheism?

Norman Geisler sheds some light on the world-view of panentheism.


I Don't Have Enough FAITH to Be an ATHEIST -Purchase 'I Don't Have Enough FAITH to Be an ATHEIST' by Frank Turek and Norman Geisler If someone claimed 'I Don't Have ...


Soul Bossa Nova for solo piano arr. Paul Geisler

My solo piano arrangement of "Soul Bossa Nova" AKA The Austin Powers Theme by Quincy Jones. If you would like PDF sheet music for this piece, please ...


Shepherds' Conference Summit 2015

video created by The Welch Group ( for The Shepherds' Conference ( promoting a special conference coming in ...


No More Christian Nice Guy - Paul Coughlin

Lecture by Paul Coughlin.


117. How Do We Love God? With Simon Brace.

Special Guest Simon Brace joins us once again and answers the question "How do we Love God?" Recommended Book: "Love God with All Your Mind" by J.P. ...


An Emotional Profession Of Faith - Pastor John Miller

Watch the full sermon: Find out more about our Counter Culture sermon series:


Re: Part2 of 2 - The Godhead is the backdrop for the Gospel - Replace the Trinity Doctrine with THIS

Here is Website Show Called The Pride of Pharisee's To hear Watchmen's Radio Station & Chat Go Here!


ISSUU: Palestra

Conheça mais sobre o ISSUU e suas utilidades nessa pequena palestra pelo Sabixão. O áudio foi legal, mas tivemos um pequeno problema no vídeo em ...


Práticas Devocionais com Elben Lenz M. Cesar

Práticas Devocionais com Elben Lenz M. Cesar. Viagem dos vocacionados da 8ª Igreja para encontrar com ele em Viçosa no dia 8 de Dezembro de 2012.


Relativism (3 of 7)

Are you often confronted with the "Who are you to say" questions? "Who are you to say that your religion is right?" "Who are you to say I'm wrong?" What is the ...


El enriquecimiento mediante el empobrecimiento

Les propongo una argumento racional para fundamentar por qué los católicos aceptan que Jesús nos enriqueció empobreciéndose. Este video está vinculado ...


Bart HTM1



9:00 AM

Mysteries to be solved, and the end of our search is upon us. -- Hymn of None


NEWM-N253 Interview Video

For Intro to Video we interviewed a partner in class who was considered an expert in a certain subject. We then compiled footage of the interview we shot, al...


Atheist Fascism: Peter Boghossian

Tim McGrew and Tom Gilson speak on atheist Peter Boghossian (author of A Manual for Creating Atheists) and his disturbing views on Christians. In a matter of ...


Why I'm a Zero Point Calvinist - Part 1 of 3.wmv

Refuting regeneration before faith and total depravity (inability).

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