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Tutorial - OnDemand Professional Neurofeedback Training Course

Platform Tutorial for the Othmer Method OnDemand training course.


How to Make a DIY tDCS Device (Tutorial) - v1.0

Today in this tDCS tutorial, we'll be making an early version of our DIY transcranial direct current stimulation device or, tDCS device. This is a very cheap...


What Is Neurofeedback ? - EEG INFO Videos

Video on EEG Neurofeedback featuring Sue and Siegfried Othmer. Learn how self-regulation training allows the system (the central nervous system) to function ...


Neurofeedback and Autism - What is Neurofeedback?

An interview with four families dealing with the challenges of raising a child with autism. You'll also hear from Susan and Siegfried Othmer - pioneers in th...


PTSD - What is Neurofeedback - EEG Info Videos

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Neurofeedback. Two war veterans talk about how neurofeedback has helped them.


Neurofeedback bei ADHS

Neurofeedbacktraining der langsamen kortikalen Potentiale (SCP-Training) aus dem Futuremag Beitrag über Neurofeedback.


Neurofeedback for Peak Performance - EEG Info Videos

EEG Feedback for Peak Performance, featuring the work of Rae Tattenbaum and Susan Othmer.


28c3: Quantified-Self and OpenBCI Neurofeedback Mind-Hacking

Download high quality version: Description: Christian Kleineidam, MetaMi...


What is Neurofeedback - Addictions and Substance Abuse - EEG Info Videos

Neurofeedback for Addictions and Substance Abuse. Discussion of research results showing a 77% effectiveness for neurofeedback. Interviews with ...


Neurofeedback and Autism - EEG Info Videos

EEG Feedback for Autism, featuring Florence Martin, and Susan Othmer.


SPECT scan pre post Neurofeedback on PTSD

Dr. Siegfried Othmer discusses the results of pre post SPECT imagery after Neurofeedback. The work with veterans is being done in connection with the non-pro ...


Neurofeedback for ADHD - EEG Info Videos

EEG Feedback for attention deficit disorder.


Neurofeedback software Cygnet demo with Kurt Othmer

EEG Info's new cygnet neurofeedback software is the latest in ease of use, low frequency training and protocol development from Sue and Siegfried Othmer.


Use of the Emotiv Epoc Headset

Instructions on using the Emotiv Epoc headset (consumer and developer). This covers unpackaging, parts, and assembly.


Mente™ Headband: Groundbreaking Neurofeedback Therapy system for Children on the Autism Spectrum

Mente is an easy-to-use, effective neurofeedback device for safe home use by children with autism. Its unique patented technology creates personalised binaur.


Faces of Neurofeedback

Real People, Real Stories, Real Success. Conversations with clinicians who have found success adding neurofeedback to their clinical Practices.


Informatiefilm Neurofeedback bij ADHD

Deze film is een informatieve video over neurofeedback gemaakt door het Nederlands Instituut voor Psychologen (NIP).


Neurofeedback - Ausbildung - zertifizierter Neurofeedback-Therapeut IFEN

Neurofeedback erlernen beim Institut für EEG-Neurofeedback IFEN - Ausbildung zur/m zertifizierten Neurofeedback-Therapeutin/en IFEN. Das Video zeigt ...


Chronic pain and Neurofeedback - EEG Info Videos

Neurofeedback for chronic pain. Meet Caroline Grierson, a nurse practicing neurofeedback for pain management, in association with Dr. Prager, a leading pain .


Journey to Neurofeedback & pEMFS ~ My Metamorphosis

Click this link to get the video at Amazon → Hi, my name is Robin Borakove. I have struggled for years with issues of social anxiety, de...

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