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National Palace Museum arranges special exhibit of jadeite cabbage carvings

With the National Palace Museum's “Meat-shaped Stone” ready to go on display in Japan, the museum has arranged a special exhibit of carvings in the shape of jadeite ...


Silk Ruffle Rose Flower Tutorial

Another simple, but pretty flower, ladies. Hope it helps. Sorry about the quality of my tutorial. I'm very new! Thanks for your patience.


National Palace Museum of Korea presents royal silk flower exhibition

The National Palace Museum of Korea,... much like the rest of the nation,... finds itself in full bloom these days. A new exhibition there celebrates the artificial ...


Una Powerslide @ National Palace Museum

Una Powerslide @ National Palace Museum.


Peony Silk Flower Tutorial

Flower tutorial showing how I made my Peony silk flowers.


FREE DOWNLOAD Chinese calligraphy book, Yan style (Complete

Chinese calligraphy model book: 顏真卿《楷書東方朔畫贊碑》or 颜真卿《楷书东方朔画赞碑》This popular style is commonly called 顏體 (Yan or Yen style, 颜体). ...



3D Animated Short Films on Art - Better than the Real Thing: Everything's Fresh at the National Palace Museum - Jadeite Cabbage with Insects ...


Sumner Jules Glimcher's Masterpieces of Chinese Art

When Chiang Kai Shek was expelled from the Chinese mainland in 1949, he took with him all the Art of China that was not nailed down, i.e. virtually everything ...


Angel's Daily Grind 故宮曉夢

Shortfilm made in Taipei, Taiwan's National Palace Museum about a girl who goes through the day's motions but one night has a weird dream that makes her ...


In the Style of Mi Fu

Mi Fu was a celebrated painter, calligrapher and art connoisseur who lived in China during the Northern Song dynasty (960-1126 CE). This video documents Yu ...


Anytime for Taiwan- TAIWANderful Experience!

Anytime for Taiwan! Taipei Zoo is worth visiting for, we had so much fun because it was our first time.. The amazing National Palace Museum is also a place ...


Estrellita Concert Metamorphosis by M. Ponce. Piano, Mauricio Garza-Salazar, Taiwan 2011

This is the Estrellita arrangement by Ponce himself the one he dedicated to his sister, not the usual standard piano verson. This piano recital took place in the ...


Taiwan No. 1 Model Ling Chi-Ling Dressed in Haute Couture Cheongsam at Taipei (subtitled)

"Taiwan No.1 Beauty Model" Ling Chi-Ling dressed in haute couture cheongsam to attend a commercial event at Taipai National Palace Museum. After a ...


Elena-the Silk Flower Artist

Complete video tutorials in Silk Flower Art. We teach you how to make couture silk flowers


Turning Rust into Gold 點蝕成金

點蝕成金互動作品作者:洪一平、謝俊科、陳嘉平、林亮均、余孟杰、葛如鈞、劉怡伶Turning Rust into Gold, 4th Taipei Digital Art Festival; K. T. Creativity...


Mei Cheng Audio Video Co., Ltd. Professional Audio & Video Products

Meicheng is one of the leading companies in audio video specialist market. Our business specializes in audio / video equipment to fulfill the needs of ...


台湾、台北でエビ釣りホストクラブ社長Shrimp fishing in Taiwan

ホストクラブブログ・名古屋ホスト空のホストブログ。。 2011年10月31日からの台湾、台北慰安旅行。...


送不出去的國書 Diplomatic Credentials Failed to Deliver 60秒宣傳 中英文版



タトゥー,台湾,台北,西門町でTattoo in Taiwanホストクラブ

ホストクラブブログ・名古屋ホスト空のホストブログ。。 2011年10月31日からの台湾、台北慰安旅行。...


Lost City Beijing

Workshop The Art of What Works door RT-Business Improvement. The Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial palace from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the ...

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