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Silk Ruffle Rose Flower Tutorial

Another simple, but pretty flower, ladies. Hope it helps. Sorry about the quality of my tutorial. I'm very new! Thanks for your patience.


National Palace Museum of Korea presents royal silk flower exhibition

The National Palace Museum of Korea,... much like the rest of the nation,... finds itself in full bloom these days. A new exhibition there celebrates the artificial ...


Silk Flower Tutorial - jennings644

These are fab fillers and so easy to make :)


Fabric Flower Tutorials

Fabric Flower Tutorials - Captured Live on Ustream at Learn how to make some shabby chic flowers by ...


Hula Hoop Tutorial: Qi Gong for Hoopers with Shellie White Light Shellie White Light, Creative Director at The Healthy Hooper, shares ...


Una Powerslide @ National Palace Museum

Una Powerslide @ National Palace Museum.


Peony Silk Flower Tutorial

Flower tutorial showing how I made my Peony silk flowers.


Sumner Jules Glimcher's Masterpieces of Chinese Art

When Chiang Kai Shek was expelled from the Chinese mainland in 1949, he took with him all the Art of China that was not nailed down, i.e. virtually everything ...


Taipei Half-Day City Tour

Get a glimpse of Taipei and see how the locals live in this dynamic city located in Northern Taiwan. Visit the National Palace Museum, Chiang Kai-Shek ...


Angel's Daily Grind 故宮曉夢

Shortfilm made in Taipei, Taiwan's National Palace Museum about a girl who goes through the day's motions but one night has a weird dream that makes her ...


Golden Hymn Brass Band - Y. M. C. A.

金頌銅管樂團 Golden Hymn Brass Band 第七季故宮週末夜音樂會 Weekend Concert in National Palace Museum from 7th Season 2010/10/30 @ 故宮博物院 ...


Anytime for Taiwan- TAIWANderful Experience!

Anytime for Taiwan! Taipei Zoo is worth visiting for, we had so much fun because it was our first time.. The amazing National Palace Museum is also a place ...


Estrellita Concert Metamorphosis by M. Ponce. Piano, Mauricio Garza-Salazar, Taiwan 2011

This is the Estrellita arrangement by Ponce himself the one he dedicated to his sister, not the usual standard piano verson. This piano recital took place in the ...


JIA Double Luck Salt and Pepper Shakers at Fitzsu

In conjunction with the National Palace Museum, the Double Luck salt and pepper set is a modern translation of a classical item used in the emperor's home. M...


Discovering China - Han Couture Special Episode

Hi I'm Alina Wang and welcome to Discovering China. Today, we will be looking at Han Couture, the traditional clothing of the Chinese people. We will look at ...


Elena-the Silk Flower Artist

Complete video tutorials in Silk Flower Art. We teach you how to make couture silk flowers



For sponsors/partnership/collaboration/endorsement/ makeup service, kindly email me at: [email protected] Subscribe to my channel for beauty ...


Millinery Flower, DeAnna Gibbons

his peony was a custom project, the flowers needed to be much larger than anything I had made before. I adapted techniques I learned in flower making ...


Turning Rust into Gold 點蝕成金

點蝕成金互動作品作者:洪一平、謝俊科、陳嘉平、林亮均、余孟杰、葛如鈞、劉怡伶Turning Rust into Gold, 4th Taipei Digital Art Festival; K. T. Creativity...


タトゥー,台湾,台北,西門町でTattoo in Taiwanホストクラブ

ホストクラブブログ・名古屋ホスト空のホストブログ。。 2011年10月31日からの台湾、台北慰安旅行。...

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