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Melanesian Choirs - God yu tekkem laef blong mi (99F version)

Melanesian Choirs - God yu tekkem laef blong mi (99F version)


Soon My Lord - Melanesian Choirs

Soon my Lord shall come for me: What a great reunion day! Friends and loved ones all shall see: What a great reunion day! Some fine morning, I shall fly away.


M.C.D. II (2008) melanesian culture day the song Hena masa waja sung by moluccan people

This is the second MCD in 2008. This is the day where you can see people of Melanesia like the Moluccan, Tonga, New Guinea, Fiji etc. The MCD will always ...


Pikau Tutorial

Short tutorial on how to make one of the most common versions of a Maori Backpack/Pikau. More info can be obtained through my website


Poli-Melanesian dance

dance show at Ghizo Hotel.


Tutorial FL Studio - Le Dubstep [FR]

Voila un petit Tuto pour faire du dubstep. Hope you like it !! :) SOUNDCLOUD : FACEBOOK ...


How to Pronounce Neo-Melanesian

Learn how to say words in English correctly with Emma Saying free pronunciation tutorials. Over 140000 words were already uploaded... Check them out!


Chinese and Melanesians are closest blood relatives

I provide real scientific sources. Please don't listen to the trolls on youtube who don't provide any references or sources because they are making their ...


Hans Zimmer - God Yu Tekkem Laef Blong Mi |FIRST TUTORIAL ON YOUTUBE !!! | by Marcin Mazurek

I was asked to make a tutorial for this song, so as there hasn't been one for this piece yet, I decided to do it. Here it is - Enjoy!


Melanesian Choirs - God yu tekkem laef blong me The thin red line BSO



God Yu Tekkem Laef Blong Mi Choir of All Saints Honiara

God Yu Tekkem Laef Blong Mi - Choir of All Saints (Honiara).


Doctor Who Makeup S2E8 Tutorial The Impossible Planet Look 1

We have a special guest! And he looks just like Toby! I had a lot of fun creating this look. It may not be identical but it is pretty close. I was copying a picture from ...


Island Girl Makeup Tutorial with the Naked Pallete

READ ME If you are curious about my hair in this video the tutorial will be up Thursday more pictures on my blog ...


Honiara's Choir of All Saints - god yu tekkem laef blong mi (the gambler remix)

My remix of the song used for "The thin red line" you can download the remix here : This song was ...


MSG Foreign Ministers Meet in Honiara

The Melanesian Spearhead Group Foreign Ministers Meeting commenced in Honiara, Solomon Islands yesterday. The meeting has convened prior to the ...


cannibalism in religious cultures

Comparing Aztec and Melanesian cannibalistic rituals.


Free Ukulele Lesson - A jazz chord progression Corey Fujimoto from Hawaii Music Supply teaches a cool Jazz chord progression on the ukulele. These chords over a christmas ...


MCD DVD 2007

When you decide to buy this DOUBLE DVD you'll be a great support for our next event. All the funds go out to the 2nd Melanesian Culture Day which will take ...



This is the HAKA KA MATE. Maori, All Blacks, New Zealand, Nieuw Zeeland, HAKA KA MATE. Altough I'm from Melanesian descent, I'm proud of my Polynesian ...


Quechua - Making of Baby & Junior - Spring Summer 2012

Nouvelle Collection Bébé & Junior : découvrez les coulisses de notre shooting en studio ! Achetez en ligne ...

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