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maltese lesson 1.wmv

"The alphabet" is my first video clip for speaking maltese, you have to learn the Maltese Alphabet fist so you will know how to pronouce a maltese word properly.


The Maltese Language- Introduction

Hi, this is my first video introducing the Maltese language. In the next lessons, I will teach you the Maltese alphabet, numbers, seasons, etc. Follow my links :) My ...


Maltese sign language

Can anyone tell me what my dog is trying to say?


Maltese2 001.avi

First Simple Sentences in Maltese. Vocabulary and use of the definite article.


Maltese Fonts



A blind Maltese teenager who receives assistance from the government

Note: this interview was not translated word for word. Journalist: Since the age of only 10 months, Maria Munro, who is now 17 years old has been slowly losing ...


Law Matters - Valensi Rose PLC - #1 Selling Your Home

Valensi Rose is a leading Los Angeles law firm with a reputation for making a difference. Featured attorney, Laurie Murphy. With degrees in civil engineering ...


Maltese Puppies Love Alphabet Blocks

Let's learn some letters... or CHEW ON THEM YEAHH Subscribe to The Pet Collective: Website: Facebook: ...


The American School - Brescia - CCLS VIP Language Classes

The American School - Scuola di Lingue - Via Malta 12 - Brescia.


The Quincy Alphabet Contest!!

Send me your custom Sternritter & power to this email: [email protected] Link to Rules: ...


Arabic dancing in Malta

our dear friend jean heard us playing this song and decided to use his dancing skills for some recreational fun :)


European Union TOOL language project

Tool for Online and Offline Language Learning (TOOL) project, funded by the European Union, is building Blended Learning language courses in five European ...

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