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Louis Jacobs: Amber Lizards and Snakes with Legs - Paleontology at SMU

SMU Vertebrate Paleontologist Louis Jacobs talked about evolution, the fossil record and paleontology at SMU as part of a faculty symposium held September ...


Paleontology and Mass Extinctions

A talk by Nirmal Rajah. Organised by Chennai Freethinkers, a regional group of Nirmukta. Note: A significant portion of this video is in Tamil. It will be subtitled ...


Dr. Vreeland - Microbial Paleontology

Dr. Vreeland conducts his lecture on Microbial Paleontology at Rutgers University.


Marc Kirschner (Harvard U) Part 1: The Origin of the Vertebrate Nervous System

Modern cell and developmental biology has a lot to contribute to our understanding of the deep history of animal origins, which until recently has been largely ...


Exploration Geologists - WA

Exploration Geologists - WA.


Public Lecture—Archaeopteryx: Bringing the Dino-Bird to Life

Lecture Date: Tuesday, January 25, 2011. Some 150 million years ago, a strange creature died in a tropical lagoon that today is located in Bavaria, Germany.


Verbal analogy

We have appointed Vrinkal Kumar as Part-time teacher. He is my student and he is MBA and he cleared UGC NET in first attempt. In this lecture, he will teach ...

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