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Is Islam Compatible with Liberal Democracy? (2007)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali addresses the possibility of a moderate Islam. Hosted by the Aspen Institute, the 2007 Aspen Ideas Festival,, offer...


What is Democracy - Perfect Defination

A short tutorial decribing the defination of democracy and discussing its various aspects. Associated tags: constitutional democracy definition definition fo...


Attention, please. Korea's foundation of Liberal democracy is collapsing!!

In Korean, English, Chinese, French, Spanish and Japanese. This is Lee Myung Bak's dictatorship. Scrap this UCC anywhere please.


Liberal Politics - Lesson 4A - Canada's Democracy



your 3c titanium tax doesn't go too far enough



Right to Property in India Namita Wahi Land Rights Initiative India

Namita Wahi is heading the Land Rights Initiative India at the Centre for Policy Research in Delhi. Right after independence, the Indian nation pursued the c...


How to Govern Intelligently in the 21st Century - Nicholas Berggruen

For decades, liberal democracy has been trumpeted as the best system of governance available to us. But in a rapidly changing cultural landscape, is that any...


Let's play Darkest Hour as Italy part 10

1923 and looks like the fascist might of died away. Democracy still continues to flourish in Italy. Liberal Democracy seems to have sustained a success in po...


Three Poems by Billy Collins (2007)

Three poems from the former US Poet Laureate Billy Collins. Hosted by the Aspen Institute, the 2007 Aspen Ideas Festival,, offers i...


Green Is the New Red, White, and Blue II (2007)

With Thomas Friedman. Why a green revolution matters more in a "flat world." Hosted by the Aspen Institute, the 2007 Aspen Ideas Festival, http://www.aifesti...


Pres. Bill Clinton on His Work Around the World I (2007)

President Bill Clinton interviewed by Richard Stengel. Hosted by the Aspen Institute, the 2007 Aspen Ideas Festival,, offers its pa...


Australian Roundtable Podcast | Episode #17 (01/02/15) [Ft. Peekay]

In this special 2-hour episode of the Australian Roundtable Podcast, Ethan, Johnno and Lindsay discuss yet another fake ISIS 'beheading'; the QLD state elect...


Nader Hashemi: What does secularism mean?

Does the term secularism refer to the disestablishment of religion, to atheism, to anti-clericalism, to the robust and complete separation of religion and p...


Official State Study: Higher Graduation Rates in Choice Schools

[Madison, Wisc...] The latest in a series of long-term academic studies tracking the Milwaukee Parental Choice Programs shows that 94.3 percent of pupils who...


Fascism Around The World (Fascist Dictatorships Part 2) - Fascism Around The World is Part 2 of Fascist Dictatorships - a 20th Century World History title. Trace the historical roots o...


Saba Mahmood on the Discourse of Religious Freedom

For more on this event: For a full-length video of this event: For more on the Berkley Center: http://berkleyc...


15 Q&A -The Scandinavian model, western economies still growing, Spain and Ireland?

For main playlist with all 16 "chapters", you can go here: ...


Beating populism in populist times The power of cities and institutional renewal Session 1

The Power of Cities and Community-Building in the Fight against Populism Policy Network and the Barrow Cadbury Trust hosted an afternoon seminar on ...


Green is the New Red, White, and Blue (III) (2007)

Thomas Friedman observes that the green movement has gone Main Street, but not mainstream. Hosted by the Aspen Institute, the 2007 Aspen Ideas Festival, ...


Who Speaks for Islam? (2 of 2), 2008

Complete video (.mov) at Dalia Mogahed, of the Gallup Organization, discusses ...

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