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템플스테이, Templestay 2013 Spring, Fixed Layout ePUB Interactive eBook, Orange Digit Inc. 오렌지디지트

Templestay 2013 Spring Templestay is a unique cultural program which lets you experience the life of Buddhist practitioners at traditional temples which pres...


2014 10 11 Seoul IDIA

The appearance and function of Korean Buddhism at home and abroad--with questions and answers, practical examples and advice. How can we teach any ...


Seoul Subway Guide - Level Up (Ep. 6)

How to use the Seoul subway system (수도권 전철). I made this tutorial when had to attend a training course in Sinchon about a new class I'm teaching. Please ...


Lotus Lantern Making for Foreigners in 2011 외국인 연등만들기 시합

Lotus Lantern Making for Foreigners hosted by International Dharma Instructors' Association of The Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism is one of most popular ...


Jogyesa, Bongeunsa, Lotus lantern Parade (7 May, 2011)

No trip to Seoul can be without a visit to the two main temples, they are spectacular. And if you are lucky to be there on the first weekend before Buddha's ...


In the Footsteps of Wonhyo [Trailer I]

Through the eyes of a Western pilgrim, this documentary film explores the ancient mountain monastic way of life of Korea. The narrator, a retired Canadian wr...


FIGURE KOREA TAEGO 1 pp07er james kenneth powell youtube 512

FIGURE KOREA TAEGO 1 pp07er james kenneth powell youtube 512.


Level Up - (Ep. 1)

A new series about life as an English teacher in South Korea. Music by Rachel Palmer.


Google Business Groups Stories Video - Submit your stories today!

Are you using Google to do extraordinary things? Has technology enabled you to start new ventures, , grow your business or affect the lives of those around y...


Revering the Memory of Master Kusan Sunim 02 (구산스님 추모특집 다큐)

이 동영상은 구산스님 열반 30주년 기념 특집 다큐멘터리 입니다. Master Kusan Sunim (1908-1983) Korean Zen Master Kusan ("Ku"-Nine; "San" - Mountains), known as Kusan Sunim, ...


Korean Attitude Towards Nature



[Korea3DShowcase2012] Han Dance Sprit 3D by KENNY & Co.

[Korea3DShowcase2012] Han Dance Sprit 3D by KENNY & Co. Title: Han Dance Sprit (한국의 몸짓 세계를 홀리다) Genre : Documentary Running Time : 10:10 ...


KB LIM: Power and Myths of the I-Ching / The Feng Shui Society Conference (7) 18 May 2013, London UK

The Feng Shui Society Conference (7) 18 May 2013, London UK KB LIM: Power and Myths of the I-Ching (Book of Change) The I-Ching, is an amazing book ...


Traditional Culture Village Suwon Korea horsemanship show

went to a Korean Traditional village and they had a Korean Horsemanship show that was entertaining and impressive.


Explore KOREA - Ep.1 Experiences of Korea: Korean Buddhist tradition

Premiere: 2014 July 25, with English subtitle on KBS World TV - Telecasting Time: Fri 19:50 (Seoul, UTC+9) - "Explore Korea" is a variety program to enhanc...


US Embassy In Seoul, South Korea, Starting work early today... hum

Thank you for your donation. PayPal, [email protected] ...


Ullambana- & Avalokiteshvara-Festival - Pagoda Vien Giac 09.08.2014 (Germany, Hannover) -



Joseon Dynasty Palaces (Window on Korean Culture #14 궁궐)



In the Newsroom-A - A blue-eyed monk who came to Korea to find the truth - Korea Today Ven. Daebong

Unfiltered To celebrate Buddha's Birthday, a blue-eyed monk paid a visit to Arirang TV's "Korea Today" set. He is an American who witnessed racial discrimina...


HOW I REALIZED TRUTH - Personal Experiences 3 - 3

This is the third part in a 3-part audio-video series where my own early experiences of defocusing awareness are shared. There were three major experiences I..

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