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How to Play 4'33" by John Cage.

This is a piano tutorial for 4'33" by John Cage. This is an outstanding piece that continues to woo audiences even today. I like the orchestral version bette...


TUTORIAL: 4'33'' (John Cage)

A very simple song, even for beginners. If you want the sheets or MIDI-file, just ask. 4′33″ (pronounced "Four minutes, thirty-three seconds") is a three-mov...


John Cage - In a landscape (1948)

I hope you'll enjoy this quiet gem. This is a piece of master of the XXth century. I dedicate this post to the great youtubers who, by posting wonderful musi...


John Cage - In a Landscape

John Cage composed this early "New Age" piece in 1948.


Suite for Toy Piano - John Cage

Suite for Toy Piano by John Cage. Performed by Steve Butters.


Tan Dun talks about an inspiring lesson he learned from John Cage

Composer Tan Dun shares some musical wisdom he learned from the composer John Cage.


John cage piano app tutorial



Tribute to John Cage

"look at the birds flying, do you see their missing intentionality? look at the birds flying, do you see the divine beauty?" ...


John Cage / "Credo in Us", performed by Third Coast Percussion

A performance of John Cage's "Credo in Us" (1942), performed by Third Coast Percussion (Clayton Condon, Robert Dillon, Peter Martin and David Skidmore).


John Cage at Work, 1978-1992

A film in four parts by Kathan Brown. This film is composed of vintage video clips of John Cage at work in the etching studio of Crown Point Press, in San Fr...


In a Landscape by John Cage, performed on Marimba by Michael Compitello

About the piece: In a Landscape by John Cage was written for the dancer Louise Lippold in 1948. The structure of the piece follows the rhythmic patterns danc...


WSCXVI In Celebration of John Cage 100 Years & Beyond with J Sampen and M Shrude

In Celebration Of John Cage: 100 Years And Beyond (11.00, Friday 13th July, Buchanan Theatre) I remember loving sound before I ever took a music lesson.


David Greilsammer - John Cage - "prepared piano"

David Greilsammer prepares the piano for a performance of John Cage's Sonatas for "Prepared Piano"


John Cage's Prepared Piano w/ Stephen Drury

Stephen Drury of New England Conservatory's Piano faculty demonstrates the process of piano preparation for John Cage's "Sonatas & Interludes". NEC will be ...


Jan Steele + John Cage | All day | 1976

Jan Steele | All day | Voices and Instruments | 1976 Poem/Lyrics by James Joyce: All day I hear the noise of waters Making moan, Sad as the sea-bird is when,...


My Humble Ode to Terry Riley & John Cage

Another Video Experiment, please leave any comments. I've been listening to a lot of Terry Riley lately and find him to be very inspiring, please take into a...


In a Landscape - by John Cage (with score)

I've always wanted to make one of these ... Live performance of "In a Landscape" (1948), the beautiful, transcendental, mesmerizing work of John Cage. Re...


Erik Satie - Je Te Veux (Binary Land Soundtrack) - Synthesia Piano Solo Tutorial

from Wikipedia. "Je te veux" (French for I want you) is a song composed by Erik Satie to a text by Henry Pacory. A sentimental waltz, it was written for Paul...


John Cage: 4'33'' for piano (1952)

the master's "silent piece" 1. tacet 2. tacet 3. tacet Armin Fuchs - piano.


John Cage - 4'33" by David Tudor


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