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Guitar Tutorial for Flashlight by The Front Bottoms

Easy guitar tutorial for "Flashlight" by The Front Bottoms.


Irish bouzouki: Joe Doyle playing some jigs

Solo Trad Irish bouzouki- 3 jigs- Played by Joe Doyle on Joe Foley Bouzouki.


Joe Doyle

ollien a 7 stair.


Joe Doyle Toast

Joe Doyle's toast to Victoria and John. 10/26/07.


Joe Doyle rockin the harp!

laying down tracks for a cover os Sergio's Curtis Lowe tune by Lynyrd skynyrd.


Jill Scott - Roberta Flac - Pressure Band

Pressure Band Cover @ the Press Club Brisbane. Robbie Flay - Ross Commerford - Mark Henman - Jeremy O'Connor - Tim Sladin - Joe Doyle - Chris Thorpe ...


In The Evening (When The Sun Goes Down)-Gary Clark Jr. cover

Favorite blues, enjoy.


Clay Colton Band "Roadhouse Blues"

This is another acoustic cover from Monterey Bay of the Doors classic "Roadhouse Blues", featuring the amazing Paul Castellanos on Fiddle and Joe Doyle ...


Folsom Prison Blues Ukulele cover (Johnny Cash)

website: Here I am playing my PONO CONCERT MCD mahogany ukulele with AQUILA STRINGS playing the song made famous by ...


Gerry McKee - James Byrne's

Gary McKee of band Nomos has released a fine Bouzouki tutorial CD-Rom. You can get it at


Frank Hall interview"Making An Irish Shillelagh" Hurricane "CHARLIE" 1986

Frank Hall interview"Making An Irish Shillelagh" Hurricane "CHARLIE" 1986.


Musical Scales - Dromos Segiah (Σεγκιάχ)

Minoas Vocal Studio - You are welcome to Subscribe Now for more videos! Find us on ...


Pirate Song (acoustic) at Yellow Bean Studios live sessions

Pirate Song (written 2009) performed acoustically at Yellow Bean Studios, Leicester, live with 'audience'.


Iron Blues - MIDI Composition (Cubase 4)

A composition I wrote a while back on guitar, and decided to arrange using Cubase 4 at my college. Here it is, leave a comment or something, constructive ...


Feels Like Rain - John Hiatt Cover

Fell in love with John Hiatt after hearing my parents wedding song, Have Alittle Faith In Me, and had to hear more. Then I heard John Mayer do a version with ...


Muse - Supermassive Black Hole - Slap/pop bass cov

Slap/Pop progressive funk bass cover of Muse's Supermassive Black Hole.


Glen Hansard and The Frames "Passing Through"

Beacon Theatre, NYC - 6/29/12 Glen Hansard, Colm Mac Con Iomaire, Joe Doyle, Rob Bochnik, Graham Hopkins, Lisa Hanningan, John Smith, Steve Bernstein ...


Away In A Manger Bethel High School Jazz Band

Bethel HS Jazz Band performing Away in a Manger at the Christmas Concert 2009 Starring Jeremy Weida - Alto Sax Troy Elliot - Tenor/Soprano Sax Derell Johnson - Trombone William Brackin...


Irish Music & Instruments : How Is the Bouzouki Played?

The bouzouki is a traditional Greek instrument adopted by the Irish in the 1950s and '60s that plays similarly to a mandolin. Understand the nuances of the ...


Cocaine, Hallelujah - Looping Jam with Roland AC-33 - guitar, beatbox, flute by Peter Luha

Guitarist and singer Peter Luha perform songs using his small loop pedal /in amp Roland AC33/, guitar and his mouth /vocal & beatbox/.. :) From solo /one man ...

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