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Let's Play Downtown Special Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki Dayo Zenin Shuugou! Part 3

In this part we fight some more bosses, and discover food items we didn't know existed.


Your Knight ft. Sebastiano Serafini 【字幕付き】

Sebastiano's channel ☆ It's been a pleasure working on this video for Seba, even if we had few recordings ...


Doraemon drawing tutorial Speed painting | ドラえもん

Doraemon Speed painting~! ♢ Subscribe for more content: ♢ Follow Me On Twitter : ♢ Facebook: ...


Google-Toei Bekerja Sama Membuat Konten Youtube

Studio film Toei kini bekerja sama dengan Google Youtube. Tujuannya adalah untuk membantu para blogger membuat konten dengan gaya 'Jidaigeki' atau ...


ENGLISH Fighter Maker 2002 Tutorial 1 (NEW!)

Subscribe to become an awesome frosty cupcake! Shirts on the way! Facebook on the way!


How to draw Goku Dragon ball drawing tutorial

Goku Speed painting~! ♢ Subscribe for more content: ♢ Follow Me On Twitter : ♢ Facebook: ...


Nintendo World Cup ►Running Supershot Tutorial◄

Check out my other Nintendo World Cup videos below: Nintendo World Cup ▻BEST GOALS EVER◅ ...


How to draw Tony Tony Chopper [One Piece] drawing tutorial Speed painting

Tony Tony Chopper from One Piece Speed painting~! ♢ Subscribe for more content: ♢ Follow Me On Twitter : ...


初めての記者会見★YouTube Space 時代劇 with 東映太秦映画村

チャンネル登録/Subscribe ♥♥♥ YouTube Space 時代劇 with 東映太秦映画村 (The ...


Yuyushiki OP - Sēno! - (Anime Piano Tutorial) Synthesia : Slow (70% speed )

100% speed: 40% speed: Yuyushiki (Japanese: ゆゆ式, lit.


[WIN7] Change non-unicode settings to see Japanese characters that saved in SHIFT-JIS format.

Useful, if you want to edit the KD, or Jidaigeki's character data.


Game Maker 2D Fighter Tutorial Part 4

Четвёртый урок сайта JFS-STUDIO о том как создать 2д Файтинг с помощью ГМ Озвучка: РУС Субтитры: Отсутствуют Новы...


Samurai sword demonstration sengoku jidai period Japan samurai of the sengoku jidai period of Japan were a major inspiration for the jidai-geki genre of ...


妖怪ウォッチ ウィスパー | Yo-Kai Watch Whisper Speed painting

Whisper Yo-Kai Watch Speed painting~! 妖怪ウォッチのウィスパー ♢ Subscribe for more content: ♢ Follow Me On Twitter ...


影の軍団メインテーマ~Gの祈り(ウクレレソロ)"Kage no Gundan" (ukulele solo)

「影の軍団メインテーマ」(1980) 曲:渡辺茂樹 ~「Gの祈り」(1980) 曲:岡林信康 "Theme of Shadow Warriors (Kage no Gundan)," composed by Shigeki Watanabe...


UNFAIRnament - Season 4 - Round 14 - Sonic Heroes

Go to this playlist to see every round of the UNFAIRnament! You can ...



パフォーマー、アクター 藤原新乃介 Performer,Actor Shinnosuke Fujiwara 剣舞闘道 師範 A master of KENBUTODO 藤原新乃介 with ♤SPADE show 2013より、藤原新乃介...


Wig Day: Portrait of Rofile(ξ . .June - 2014)

It's no secret that people wear wigs, weaves and extensions in order to change and enhance their look at will, not because they don't have hair. Some people ...


Waku Waku Japanese - Language Lesson 34: Japan Cuts!

Are you into Japanese films? In this lesson of Waku Waku Japanese, Erin introduces some Japanese words you might hear in a movie theater or a film festival!


Kunio Kun no nekketsu soccer league(Goal3) - Japan vs. Germany - OWNAGE GAOL!

Kunio Kun no nekketsu soccer league ,also known as goal3. Oh, You wanna play too? First you need is a NES game emulator. download from here (i use ...

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