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Goal 3 team hack tutorial PL (Pogrywajkiprzypiwie).

Mini poradnik wyjaśniający w jaki sposób można zagrać innymi drużynami w trybie Ligi. Link do wersji romu z odblokowanymi drużynami w trybie wielu graczy: ...


Downtown - Nekketsu Story Online [Character Making & Tutorial]

I decided to make tutorial videos, to everybody can understand this game.


[WIN7] Change non-unicode settings to see Japanese characters that saved in SHIFT-JIS format.

Useful, if you want to edit the KD, or Jidaigeki's character data.


Samurai sword demonstration sengoku jidai period Japan samurai of the sengoku jidai period of Japan were a major inspiration for the jidai-geki genre o...


Downtown Shigaku Monogatari: The Apocalypse and a special gift!

A new DSM: The Apocalypse video! Yay! I've edited some little things, I replaced a couple of characters, replaced the music aswell. In this video I show a cu...


Downtown - Nekketsu Story Online Playthrought 1

More better version, more better video. This is a tutorial video.


UNFAIRnament - Season 4 - Round 14 - Sonic Heroes

Go to this playlist to see every round of the UNFAIRnament! You can ...



パフォーマー、アクター 藤原新乃介 Performer,Actor Shinnosuke Fujiwara 剣舞闘道 師範 A master of KENBUTODO 藤原新乃介 with ♤SPADE show 2013より、藤原 ...


Waku Waku Japanese - Language Lesson 34: Japan Cuts!

Are you into Japanese films? In this lesson of Waku Waku Japanese, Erin introduces some Japanese words you might hear in a movie theater or a film festival!


Wig Day: Portrait of Rofile(ξ . .June - 2014)

It's no secret that people wear wigs, weaves and extensions in order to change and enhance their look at will, not because they don't have hair. Some people ...


Kunio Kun no nekketsu soccer league(Goal3) - Japan vs. Germany - OWNAGE GAOL!

Kunio Kun no nekketsu soccer league ,also known as goal3. Oh, You wanna play too? First you need is a NES game emulator. download from here (i use ...


เล่น Kunio บน iPhone (NES Emulator)

อยากเล่น Kunio เลยลองหา ROM มาเล่นกับ NES Emulator บน iPhone.


Cartucho Robocop 1,2 e 4 + Super Rescue Solbrain - NES NINTENDO - LMMALA2008

Cartucho Robocop 1,2 e 4 + Super Rescue Solbrain - NES NINTENDO - LMMALA2008.


River City Ransom Fighting Game Nekketsu Dairantou 熱血大乱闘 ダウンタウン熱血

vs Kunio and Riki, I got beaten this time, after this, I played without recording and was able to win, if I don't record, there're no slowdowns!!!! http://ww...


Downtown - Nekketsu Story Online New Missions

Release date: Not decided. New missions at Kobayashi factory! And you can see some new features too. Uniform by Vqsy/Lordgon ([email protected]) Stage ...


Team Hack - Kunio Kun No Nekketsu Soccer League

Memory hack with VirtuaNES (V0.97).





Kazuo Sawa - Nintendo World Cup - Game 04 - 06 (Russia, Spain, England)

Don't know why the video is flashing :D sorry for that I used to play this game with my bro when I was little :p.


Pokemon - Emerald (all pokemons)

This hack add all pokemons from the first 3 generations (you can capture any of them) and you can also challenge any gym leader at battle frontier. Read the ...


KD Color Revamp Mod for School Uniforms

Because Gunstar found all the school uniforms, I decided to pull out an old KD modification I started on a few months ago. Fans of Downtown Nekketsu ...

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