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Homemade Jet Engine 2.0 | Complete Setup

Here you see the complete setup of the Jet Engine including the experimental mount and the Oil-System. Our Facebook page: Music: ...


How A Jet Engine Works

How a jet engine or gas turbine works.


Self Made Jet Engine : Mounting/ Installation

Here you see how my self made Jet Engine works and how the engine looks inside. The cost for this are only around 20 $, because i used i lot of scrap metal or ...


Homemade Jet Engine Plans

This is the basic plan that I used when constructing the engine. Here's a link to some testing of the engine: ...


How the Jet Engine Works Animation Tutorial

How the Jet Engine Works Animation Tutorial A jet engine is a reaction engine that discharges a fast moving jet which generates thrust by jet propulsion in ...


3D modelling Jet Engine with Propeller in AutoCAD

This 3d modelling tutorial describes in detail steps of making this jet engine using suface tools of autocad, This tutorial focuses mostly on loft tool of AutoCAD.


Tiny Jet Engine: Demo (Internal & External parts) & Assembly

Dont Forget To - LIKE | SUBSCRIBE | SHARE This is just a demonstration of the internal parts of my tiny jet engine that i made 2 years ago, as a lot of people ...


Make a High Speed Micro Turbine [Tutorial] - PART 1/3

Dont Forget To - LIKE | SUBSCRIBE | SHARE PART 2: PART 3: ...


How to build a jet engine Compressor (Easy way) - Homemade jet engine - DIY

In this video i show how to build a jet engine compressor with easy finding materials. Its quite simple and you dont have to konw anything about jet engines.


Blender 2.5 Tutorial - Jet Engine

Blender 2.5 Tutorial - This tutorial will be using spin to make a Jet Engine. the exact build of Blender used is 2.57.


Powder Toy Simple Jet Engine Tutorial

Powder Toy Simple Jet Engine Tutorial Sorry for blue circle... Comment what you want to do video:D If it was helpful Like & Subscribe.


Minecraft 3x3 Jet Engine [Tutorial]

An unnarrated tutorial for how to build what can pass as a working jet engine in Minecraft. it could also be a submarine propeller, desk fan, electric razor rotor, ...


RockSim Software Tutorial - 18 - Simulated Jet Engine - Simulating a Jet Engine on a Model Rocket Design.


Tutorial to a Jet Engine in After Effects : After Effects

Subscribe Now: Watch More: Creating a jet engine in After ...


Kerbal Space Program - VTOL Aircraft Tutorial

I previously made a series on constructing aircraft in Kerbal Space Program and with the update to the MK2 Aircraft parts it seemed like I could do a little follow ...


Aerospace Engineering Video Tutorial 07 Jet Engine Cycles for Aircraft propulsion



HydroForming with a Pressure Washer-PULSE JET

The wonderful art of hydroforming making the ability to make the worlds simpliest jet engine even simpler. Check out my first video on setting up the machine ...


How to build a TURBOJET ENGINE

HELLO GEEK WEEK So this is the first in my trilogy of videos about building a TURBOJET engine from scrap. This video is me building the jet then tomorrow i'll ...


Model R/C Turbines

I love "How It's Made" on Science channel.


Jet Engine (Gas Turbine) Efficiency

This screencast looks at how the efficiency of a jet engine can be determined. It deliberately does not include the mass of the fuel to keep the analysis simple.

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