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Linear Regression - SPSS (part 1)

I demonstrate how to perform a linear regression analysis in SPSS. The data consist of two variables: (1) independent variable (years of education), and (2) ...


Independent t-test - SPSS (Example 1)

I perform an independent samples t-test on data that have been simulated to correspond to an actual study done by Brody et al. (2004), which tested the ...


Biostatistics for Clinicians 21 (3) Logistic Regression Continuous Independent Variable - 新谷歩

This is an free tutorial on how to perform logistic regression using SPSS with a continuous independent variable.


Maths Tutorial: Independent and Dependent Variables in statistics

VCE Further Maths Tutorials. Core (Data Analysis) Tutorial 12: Independent and dependent variables - which is which? For more tutes, visit ...



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Normality test using SPSS: How to check whether data are normally distributed

If data need to be approximately normally distributed, this tutorial shows how to use SPSS to verify this. On a side note: my new project: ...


How to Identify Independent & Dependent Variable



Simple Linear Regression with One Binary Categorical Variable in SPSS



Identify Independent Variable and Dependent Variable on Various Representational Modes

CC.9-12.A.CED.1 -- Create equations and inequalities in one variable and use them to solve problems.


EC6054-2012 Tutorial 11 - Introduction to Time Series Operators in Stata

This video tutorial introduces students to some basic time series operators in Stata. Students are shown how to designate a dataset as time series data and also ...


NCSS Quick Start Tutorial

In this video we'll highlight some of the capabilities and features of NCSS software using a couple of illustrative examples. In the first example, we'll analyze a ...


How to Run a Regression Using EViews

A quick and easy tutorial of ordinary least squares regression analysis using EViews 7 student version statistical software. Once your data is imported into ...


Meaning of Independent and Dependent Variable

Check out their videos: This is a video I made for my science lesson while we are research on ...


Multiple Regression Analysis in Excel: Two Variables Affecting Retail Sales In this tutorial, you'll learn what multiple regression is and how to run it in Excel. Specifically, you'll be testing to what ...


NCSS Getting Started Tutorial

In this video we'll highlight some of the capabilities and features of NCSS software using a couple of illustrative examples. In the first example, we'll analyze a ...


1.3 How to Evaluate a piecewise function - Evaluating a piece wise function pre-calculus In this video tutorial we take the given independent values for the function and plug them into the function and simplify to find the ...


9 Part 2 - R Programming Tutorial: Matrix computation of SSR, SSE, and SST (Regression)

This video shows how to compute for Sum of Squared Regression, Sum of Squared Error, and the Total Sum of Square. That is, SSR, SSE, and SST, ...


SPSS Tutorial: Independent t test This tutorial demonstrates how to conduct an Independent t test in SPSS. For more statistics, research and SPSS tools, visit ...


Multiple Linear Regression in R (R Tutorial 5.3)

Learn how to fit and interpret output from a multiple linear regression model in R and produce summaries. You will learn to use "lm", "summary", "cor", "confint" ...


Independent vs Dependent Variables

This quick video discusses the difference between independent variables and dependent variables, while exploring proper design of a controlled experiment.

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