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Ephesians 6 (New Living Translation)

Ephesians 6 read by JD Sebastian. "Faith Comes by Hearing, and hearing the Word of God... so turn it up!" (Romans 10:17). I'm reading from the "New Living ...


Catechism of the Catholic Church - Now on Logos Software

This exclusive digital version of the Catechism of the Catholic Church is a tremendous tool for learning. It has changed the way I study the Catechism.


Dr. John Bergsma: "Body Building and Temple Growing" Dr. John Bergsma, Associate Professor of Theology at ...


Flying With Faith - Catholic Focus

Why does the Catholic Church have a vested interest in chaplaincy at airports? Simply put, providing pastoral care for people on the move is a special concern ...


Jesse Romero "How to Win The Culture War"

Some practical advice given by Jesse at our event in Modesto. To purchase this talk on DVD, visit For more ...


Speaking of Life -- Messianic Secret

Jesus once healed a man of leprosy and then strongly warned him not to tell anyone about it. Why?

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