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Venison Done Right, Butchering 101 (TRAILER)

Trailer for the feature-length tutorial on how to butcher your own deer at home. Available at www.VenisonDoneRight.Com ...


Runescape cow hunting

This was fun to do.


HOW TO BRAINTAN DEER HIDES PART V: MEMBRANING THE HIDE this process is right after neutralizing the hide, it's pretty simple, same metods used for fleshing and graining, just a little more getle this ...


Static test 5B of EX-motor F-eX

This is a video showing one of the (many) static tests my KNSU-motor went through *before* I flew it for the first time. The first flight has been posted here on ...


BedVoyage Ironing/Making Bed Instruction Video 2013

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (


Gutless Field Dressing an Elk with JAY SCOTT OUTDOORS part 1

Janis Putelis demonstrates his version of skinning and quartering an elk without gutting it. Also known as the gutless method or field dressing. Janis uses a ...


Deer Performance, part2

I dress up in brown longjohns and run around like a deer at a petting-zoo.


NBA 2K15 Boston MyGM #8 - Blockbuster Trade Turns Celtics From Pretenders To Contenders!

NBA 2K15 Boston MyGM #8 - The Boston Celtics Are Officially The Team To Beat! ᐅ Series By NykeFaller : ᐅ All NBA 2K15 ...


Uncle Jason skinning his first rabbit

See Title.

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