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Venison Done Right, Butchering 101 (TRAILER)

Trailer for the feature-length tutorial on how to butcher your own deer at home. Available at www.VenisonDoneRight.Com ...


Deer Dummy Field Dressing Mobile App Demo

Demo video of the Deer Dummy mobile app, a mobile app for iPhone and Android that gives you a video tutorial and step-by-step instructions on how to field ...


Runescape cow hunting

This was fun to do.


Girl Touches Butt to Electric Fence

Ends up with face full of poo..........You can be broken with laughter.


Static test 5B of EX-motor F-eX

This is a video showing one of the (many) static tests my KNSU-motor went through *before* I flew it for the first time. The first flight has been posted here on ...


Quick gralloch - deer gutting / gralloching / field dressing

Another educational video, this time Big Scott is showing quick gralloch. This is a bit different method, but nice and clean. He cuts the skin from neck down to the ...


Gutless Field Dressing an Elk with JAY SCOTT OUTDOORS part 1

Janis Putelis demonstrates his version of skinning and quartering an elk without gutting it. Also known as the gutless method or field dressing. Janis uses a ...


Deer Performance, part2

I dress up in brown longjohns and run around like a deer at a petting-zoo.


12 years old boy does a wallflip



NBA 2K15 Boston MyGM #8 - Blockbuster Trade Turns Celtics From Pretenders To Contenders!

NBA 2K15 Boston MyGM #8 - The Boston Celtics Are Officially The Team To Beat! ᐅ Series By NykeFaller : ᐅ All NBA 2K15 ...

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