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Fanfare Ciocarlia live 2012

EventElevator im Gespräch mit Henry Ernst: Die Mikrofonierung der wildesten Blaskapelle der Welt. Der gesamte Beitrag kann hier abgerufen werden: ...


Balkan Brass Battle: Fanfare Ciocarlia vs. Boban & Marko Ma

Balkan Brass Battle: Fanfare Ciocarlia vs. Boban & Marko Markovic Orchestra på Mosebacke terrass i Stockholm.


Fanfare Shukar - Nicoleta (Live in Japan)

Brass Band from Zece Prajini , Romania. Kansai - 07.08.2010 [email protected]


Music Theory Tutorial 86 - Crescendos and Decrescendos

More content! - Tech Facebook - Personal Twitter - ...


Bubamara (Goran Bregovic: Black Cat White Cat) Piano cover + PIANO SHEETS

Sheet music: Song from Emir Kusturica's film "Black Cat White Cat" sung by Šaban Bajramović Subscribe for ...


Graffiti tango

Głogów Gim nr 1 sala 38 graffiti Fanfare Ciocarlia - Asfalt Tango.


Marian Cretan - Hora de la Bacau



Minecraft Wolf Pack

Game: Minecraft Player: OboeCrazy Music: Fanfare Ciocarlia "Caravan" Once tameable wolves were available in Minecraft I set out to get myself an entire pack ...


Timber Timbre: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

The music of Canada's Timber Timbre is often strange and unsettling. The band, led by Taylor Kirk — a crooner with a deceptively sweet voice — makes spare, ...


How to play Monopoly

Remember your old game Monopoly? This is a tutorial on how to play it. It may have a little twist, but it's mostly the same. Have fun. Don't forget to like this video ...


Detrás de cámaras - Luca

Detrás de cámaras en una sesión fotográfica. Fotógrafa: Lucrecia Pedroza Video y edición: Moisés Cervantes Web: Web: ...


Suzanne Vega: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

In pop-music circles, Suzanne Vega is known almost entirely for two songs from the late 1980s: the child-abuse ballad "Luka" and a song that launched literally ...


Fire Dance Reveal

Download Link: Fire Dance Reveal is a 20 seconds intro opener. While most logo stings tend to stay on the "safe" and "straight to the point" ...


José Arenas' Demo Reel...

My mildly awesome demo reel. I wish it had a crotch that way I could kick it right in the whistle ~ since it has yet to attract a job... (Music: Rumba de la Lasi ...


Corto de Afro

Un hombre y su pelo. Dirección, Guión, Edición, Producción y Fotografía: GuiE Asistente de Dirección: Federico Cafferatta Actúan: Guillermo Cuyún Figueroa ...


Magenta J American Tribal Style (ATS) with Movement Dialects Tribal Universe party 2014

Welcome to Magenta J YouTube channel !!! :) Music: Fanfare Ciocarlia – Ah Ya Bibi Beats Antique – Intertwine.


Mini Tribu Tesilli. Gypsy Moth MX. Evento Medieval.

Las más pequeñas de la tribu en el evento organizado por Mundo Medieval. Noviembre 2014. Bailarinas: Yael S.M. Korina S.M. Andrea V.M. Música: Fanfare ...


Adrian Raso on Oprica Ivancea

Adrian talks about Fanfare Ciocarlia's saxophonist, Oprica Ivancea.


bed sculpture

building bedsculpture at 'dit is dit'HQ in den haag... more info: (music: fanfare ciocarlia) this is this bedsculptuur.


"Summertime" tuba solo

Fanfare Ciocarlia charts the transition to fall on an F tuba.

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