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E-Punk - iPhone controls tutorial

From the creators of Rasta Monkey, featured by Apple under "Best Swinging Games", comes Eco Punk! Soon on the iTunes App Store! Take the role of the ...


Shailene Woodley's DIY Health and Beauty Products on The Queen Latifah Show

One way Shailene helps is that she's is super passionate about the environment, and even makes her own eco-friendly products. She shared with Queen Latifah ...


Environmental Art around Google Earth

This is a brief explanation on how to navigate Environmental Artists around Google Earth. For more Information and Google Earth download link, go to ...


Photography Tutorial with Julie Collins, Wedding Photographer

Published on 2 Jul 2013 Julie Collins is one of the leading wedding photographers in the country. Combining nature ...


"Mother Nature's Son" Pastel Art Demo by Alice McMahon White

Pastel portraiture tutorial by Alice McMahon White with an environmentalist theme. The pastel is 6 feet high and 3 feet wide.


TUTORIAL: Screen View (SCREEN3) Point source

Screen View™ is a user friendly interface for U.S. EPA screening model, SCREEN3 and contains many features to make your modeling experience as easy as ...


VLOG: Environmentalist? Face Roller

I'm always appreciative of you stopping by. I hope you enjoyed coming along with me! Thank you so much for watching and spending a few minutes in my small ...



DO I LOOK GAY TO YOU...? CLICK! Sorry for the volume change in the video - you will need to adjust your ...

 - Spreading Global Green Awareness & Education

KnowYourEarth's Green Magazine Blog Community ( is a multi-authored vibrant magazine eco friendly blog providing visitors ...


SedIT - Beginner # 05 ; TREES, The Paint/Displace tool, and a simple map

SedIT - The Dedicated Serious Engine and Editor 3+ User's Tutorials and Guides - So you're interested in becoming a mapper/beastmaster/environmentalist?


DIY Organic Garden

Stephanie Donaldson is the garden editor for Country Living Magazine and a passionate gardener and environmentalist. In this 4 week course she shares her ...


1403 - New Age Girl - Mary Moon - Deadeye Dick cover with chords and lyrics

CHORDS AND LYRICS New Age Girl Deadeye Dick (Dumb & Dumber 1994) Intro: A D G A Rock! A D G A I've got a [A] new age [D] girl [G] (Tell us what she's ...


Leading environmentalist shot in DRC

The director of the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been seriously wounded in an an ambush. Emmanuel de Merode, a Belgian ...


Environmental Documentary: 'Earth Factor Asia: Making a Difference' (2008)

From 2008. This film Directed and Narrated by Jim Laurie, shot in 2007-8, profiles individuals in Asia who are champions of environmental protection.


The Preloved Story - The Accidental Environmentalist

It all started when a fashion model took her love of updating vintage clothes and opened a shop on Queen Street West in Toronto, Canada. Little did Julia Grieve ...


SedIT - Beginner # 07 ; Making custom models and UV mapping in Sed

SedIT - The Dedicated Serious Engine and Editor 3+ User's Tutorials and Guides - So you're interested in becoming a ...


How To Use Madrix Plexus DMX Controller to Build LED Lighting System

Shop Madrix Plexus: Environmental Lights is proud to announce that we are now a licensed ...


TEDxFlanders - Dos Winkel - Photographer and Environmentalist

Dutchman Dos Winkel originally studied physiotherapy but it was his innate love for nature and the sea that ultimately defined his course in life. At the age of 10 ...


Why Environmentalists Must Accept Nuclear

"Environmentalists grasp at straws a little with wind and solar," says Stewart Brand. As the U.S. backs construction of new nuclear plants, the godfather of the ...


French environmentalist Bruno Comby answers questions about benefits of nuclear power

Interview was taken on the 2nd of November, 2011 at the 5th International Forum "AtomEco-2011", International Trade Center, Moscow, Russian Federation ...

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