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Learn Ayapanec, Mexico's most endangered language

There are only two confirmed speakers of Ayapanec. In this video, one of them teaches us a few words in the endangered tongue.


Aramaic 'an endangered language'

The common language in the time of Jesus, Aramaic, is now so endangered the written version has become practically extinct. Now the only place left in the ...


Speak Endangered Language Challenge Sept. 2014

Nia:wen (Thanks) to Sakoieta Widrick for challenging me to record myself speaking an endangered language and to share it with the internet. I'm speaking ...


Endangered Language Alliance Toronto

ELA Toronto documents and celebrates endangered languages spoken in our city. Visit us at:


An Endangered Language: Võro

Ege Çilek, UI3.


Sing in the Endangered Language

New York no Asagohan ( presents. Isamu, a Japanese singer originally from Miyako island in Okinawa. His native language ...

 - Why We Need To Learn Irish

A quick video introducing the crowdfunding campaign. It briefly charts the languages spoken throughout the world and emphasises the ...


Rosetta Stone® Navajo: Learn to Speak Navajo

You can order Rosetta Stone® Navajo here: - Rosetta Stone teamed up with the Navajo Language ...


Back to the Future of Endangered Languages | Colleen Fitzgerald | TEDxUTA

Rapid globalization and technology that brings majority world languages into minority language homes threatens the survival of the estimated 6000 to 7000 ...


Endangered language: Jejueo

This is the final version of this project An endangered language in Korea, Jejueo Kaist.


Endangered Language Helps Reveal Past

An endangered Greek dialect which is spoken in north-eastern Turkey has been identified by researchers as a "linguistic goldmine" because of its startling ...


25 Most Endangered Languages in the World

Tweet this video! - Countries around the world may boast of languages inherent to them alone, but the fact remains that if they do ...


Endangered Language: Batek

I do not own any of the music, photos and videos in this report. This is a requirement for my SEA30 class and the use of this video is intended only for ...


Hacking Language Learning: Dr. Conor Quinn at TEDxDirigo

Dr. Conor McDonough Quinn is a documentary linguist, endangered language revitalization worker, and avid learner and teacher of languages. Raised in ...


Talk Mohawk mobile app demo and discussion.

A brief demo of Talk Mohawk mobile apps. Monica Peters is the software developer and she talks about why she develops Endangered Language Revival ...


Harari (Alawia)

Alawia talks about the experience of being a Harari speaker in Toronto. To view subtitles in Harari and English, click the (cc) button at the bottom righthand ...


Project ALOT: July's Language, Travel Plans, and Esperanto!

Let's talk about: -July's endangered language -travel & language plans -Esperanto And let's pretend this is all happening on July 1st, 2014! Check out ...


The Language Documentation Training Center

We train endangered language speakers how to document their own languages. In the process, we learn a lot too! Come join us or start your own!


Disappearing Alphabets

Sindhi is now definitely an endangered language, especially in India. Sindhi is not only spoken in Sindh, and India but it is also spoken by Sindhis all over the ...


Learning Arapaho: Laminating Vocabulary Cards -- Learning an endangered language one toy at a time -- quick tutorial on how to laminate a new word you're learning so you ...

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