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South Africa: Using Fiscal Policy to Address Economic Inequality

The division of wealth and income in South Africa remains inadequate to address apartheid's crippling economic legacy, but South Africa is facing the challenge ...


Lipstick Friday 3: Social/ Economic Inequality | meganhaley

Today's video is about how women are negatively affected in mostly social ways. Of course there's way more than this, but what can you do? If you liked it, ...


Economic Inequality: Fact or Fiction? An Evening with Professor Ronald M. Schmidt,

The disparity between the accuracy of public utterances and available facts is perhaps no greater on any subject than it is on economic inequality. For example ...


Makeup tutorial : How to master lipstick?

READ ME ------------------- My Facebook Page : My YouTube channel : You want to ...


DIY jelly fish in a bottle tutorial

super fun craft and great for kids =D.


STATA Tutorials: Describing an Ordinal Variable

STATA Tutorials: Describing an Ordinal Variable is part of the Departmental of Methodology Software tutorials sponsored by a grant from the LSE Annual Fund.


Economic Inequality In The UK Time To Change That!! Economic Inequality In The UK changes!

Economic inequality in the UK ~ Time To Change inequality -- Get started RIGHT AWAY!


Richard Wilkinson: GPs huh? what are they good for?

An overview of 3 statistical applications of Gaussian processes including a discussion of hyperparameter sampling and augmenting approximate Bayesian ...


Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial-Look #2

Hey Beauties! Here's part 2 to the Valentine's Day look I put together. Enjoy!! Products I Used: BH Cosmetics 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette 3rd Edition- ...


How I use Autochartist



How the Rich Are Taking Our Wealth: Inheritance and Economic Justice (2008)

Countries with a left-leaning legislature have lower levels of inequality. Many factors constrain economic inequality -- they may be divided into two classes: ...


Introduction - Part B - Why MATSim?

In this second of a three-part introduction to the Multi-Agent Transport Simulation (MATSim) toolkit, I discuss economic inequality and why the state-of-practice ...


UNE Social & Behavioral Health - PAC Tutorial

How to create a Problem Aetiology Chart (PAC) and determinants selection matrix.


1 in 18 Card Trick Tutorial

This tutorial is over the card trick known to me as 1 in 18. This is not "18" by Cameron Francis, nor is this "21". If you are looking for tutorials for either tricks, ...


Exogenous zeitgebers

This is a video tutorial for A2 students studying A Level Psychology (AQA spec A). The tutorial outlines the role of exogenous zeitgebers in the control of circadian rhythms.


Record inequality between rich and poor

The gap between rich and poor in OECD countries has reached its highest level for over 30 years, and governments must act quickly to tackle inequality, ...


Retirement Income Distribution by Rob Brinkman Annuities Explained

This Video tutorial will help you ... how to.



Not finished on the lyrics, sick with a cough and stressed out. AMERICA THE GREAT ECONOMIC INEQUALITY.


Alice Skirtz,author of "Econocide: Elimination of the Urban Poor"

Alice Skirtz,author of "Econocide: Elimination of the Urban Poor" discusses how neighborhoods like Over-the-Rhine were some of the first places to feel the i...


Occupy Northampton

Video taken at Occupy Northampton, a demonstration fueled by the Occupation movement which has spread throughout cities and towns across the nation in ...

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