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Expedition Congo River 1884 Overview - Spiel 2012


Dougie by Congo River



Congo River Miniature Golf Tips - Hole # 13 Congo Rapids Course (Hoffman Estates, IL)

Sharpen your miniature golf skills with our Congo River Miniature Golf series on how to master each hole. Congo River Miniature Golf has 36 total holes of ...


After Effects Tutorial - Corridors Music Video Effects

Links: Twitch Plugin for AE - Footage to download - Tutorial on ...


After Effects Tutorial Title And Text Animation

SideLine Film's Tutorial on how we created our Title logo, using After Effects. SideLine Films has loads more tutorials and films coming soon! The show will be ...


Point-of-view kayaking in the Congo - National Geographic

Follow National Geographic as they kayak the Congo using the V.I.O. POV.1.5.


Vlog 14 May 4 2013: Congo River Mini Golf

Today, my dad and I went to Congo River Mini gold, so much frustration, it wasn't even funny. All 18 holes were a pain, we all got robbed and the holes were ...


The Congo River - Pitch n' Timbre

Sea shanty performed by Halifax, Nova Scotia group "Pitch n' Timbre".


Walkthrough Tutorial - Contour Interval and Lat & Long Quiz



Mazungu: Canoeing the Congo

At 2922 miles long the Congo River is Africa's second longest with a flow rate second only to the Amazon. It flows through savannah, swamp and dense tropical ...


EDIZIONE SPECIALE: tutorial "come fare un arco con penna ed elastico"

spero che il tutorial vi sia stato utile.


Web Hosting tutorials (How to Use cPanel)

Web Hosting Tutorials from Globo Web Hosting powered by Globo. For Quality affrodable hosting go to brought to you by ...


river canyon tutorials - part 5 - erosion and sediments

This part - on erosion and sediments - may be one of the most important parts, in that it has a tremendous impact on the appearance of your mountains.


Free lesson on Tribal Drumming with Christian Hartman

Free lesson on Tribal Drumming with Christian Hartman. Produced by Landman Productions Christian Hartman is the Band Leader/Drummer/Bassist for ...


Synodontis nigriventris

Blotched upside-down catfish. Synodontis nigriventris Habitat: Congo River Temperature: 23-26°C pH: 6-7,5 Length: 10 cm Difficulty:1.


Speedpainted war king, 26 min in photoshop

READ MY FAQ at bottom - these are not tutorials, these are screen captured scribbles and sketches that I upload for my own sake and learning. I rarely answer to ...


Florida The Movie! Part 9- Busch Gardens

Florida The Movie! Part 9 My holiday to Orlando with Reg and Ash from 24/04/12 - 08/05/12 Part 9 featuring Busch Gardens. Including Kumba, Gwazi, Montu, ...


Orbis Obscurus - Project Portfolio 2008

The Orbis Obscurus project is a video sculpture tracing four journeys over water and land. The four components visually traverse landscapes that have dark overtones in history and in literature,...


RAZOR SHARP TEETH! One of the world's MOST DANGEROUS animals!

Razor Sharp Teeth -- African Terror Fish! GOLIATH TIGERFISH! One of the world's MOST DANGEROUS animals! The Goliath Tigerfish is surely one of our ...


A Tale of Two Sewing Machines

What happens when American and Australian women friends buy two manual sewing machines for Congolese women in a remote village? This short video ...

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