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Levi-Strauss' Narrative Theory

Created using This animation explains the basics of Claude Levi-Strauss' narrative theory. It is all about binary opposition which is basically just the ...


Claude Lévi Strauss: A Questão da Linguagem Estruturada.

Artigo escrito pelo professor: Edjar Dias de Vasconcelos.


20040108 B. "Babbo Natale giustiziato" di Claude Lévi-Strauss, messa a rogo di Babbo Natale

B. "Babbo Natale giustiziato" di Claude Lévi-Strauss, comunicato di messa a rogo di Babbo Natale il 24 dicembre 1951 davanti a 250 bambini; Scelta tra i Re ...


Lévi-Strauss y el estructuralismo II

Claudio Lévi-Strauss y el estructuralismo (y 2), Teatro Crítico, Mesa redonda nº 2, miércoles 25 de noviembre de 2009, con Gustavo Bueno, Tomás García ...


13-07-2012. Levi Strauss. In memoriam.

Levi Strauss. In memoriam. Programa de televisión. Fecha de emisión: 29-01-2010 Fecha de emisión: 13-07-2012 Duración: 22' 16'' Levi Strauss, tan ...


Lévi-Strauss y El Mito

Comunicación, Significados y Significación, Doctora Maricruz Castro Ricalde. Por: Diana Elizabeth Montelongo Moreno.


El pensamiento salvaje - Sociología - Educatina

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Catherine Malabou. A Critique of Foucault. 2012 Catherine Malabou, philosopher and author, talking about inconsistencies in Foucault's critique of the symbolic. In this lecture Catherine ...


A small white flower of orchid

The flower of orchid bloomed. The good scent of orchid has spread to the limit of the room. The writing of Claude Levi-Strauss is read in the scent of orchid.


Initiation à la danse sénégalaise mbalax.

La totalité de cette vidéo de 37 minutes est sur Reportage web télévisé de la web tv francilienne - Réalisation journaliste Eric ...


ART 302 Social Aspects of Fashion - "Social Skin"

The objective of this project was to gain an understanding of society's influence on the way we dress and, in return, how our dress reflects back onto society.


Bloco de Artistas contra os políticos

Sob as bençãos de Claude Lévi-Strauss e René Descartes, um bloco de artistas mambembes cantou marchinhas de carnaval em protesto contra os políticos ...


Levi Strauss' Theory - Binary Opposition

In this video I cover Levi Strauss' Theory of binary opposition.


Rhett - Levi Strauss & Co.

Rhett is a store manager at the Levi's® brand's San Francisco flagship, located at Union Square.


Totem, Blown Pigments on Oil & Canvas, Patrick Faith - 2010, Worlds Fair

Totem We speak from chords we didn't know. Dust covers our eyes, oil tears from our face. --- "Totems are chosen arbitrarily for the sole purpose of making the ...


Levi Strauss To Eliminate 800 Jobs To Cut Costs

Levi Strauss & Co. on Wednesday unveiled a cost-savings plan that includes cutting nearly 20% of the jeans maker's non-retail and non-manufacturing ...


Brian May with Duncan Strauss Talking Animals 15 June 2011

Duncan Strauss speaking on the phone to Queen guitarist Brian May on "Talking Animals" today, June 15, at 11am ET on WMNF (88.5 FM) in Tampa - and Brian ...


Documentar Denim Jeans si Levi Strauss

Documentar Denim Jeans si Levi Strauss varianta text ...



Structuralism is a theoretical paradigm in sociology, anthropology, linguistics and semiotics positing that elements of human culture must be understood in terms ...

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