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British Psychological Society Annual Conference 2011, Glasgow Marriott Hotel, 4th to 6th May

BPS Annual Conference 2011, Glasgow Marriott Hotel, 4th to 6th May Our themes for 2011 are: Development, Learning and Education Psychology, the Law and Justice Psychologists ...


Healing via Dance - British Psychological Society(BPS), Transpersonal Conference_2

The 15th Annual Conference of the British Psychological Society (BPS), Transpersonal Psychology Section took place in Scarborough, England on 16-18 ...


Carly Edwards, British Psychological Society prizewinner

Carly Edwards, despite being visually impaired and having had major brain surgery, is celebrating her success in achieving her degree in psychology, and bein.


British Psychological Society - Department of Psychology



Psychology at the University of Buckingham

Psychology is the study of human behaviour and mental processes. Psychology scientifically investigates how thoughts, feelings and motivations influence how ...


Statistics for Psychologists: Introductory psychology lecture

This is the introductory lecture to "Statistics for Psychologists" (PS115) -- a core year 1 module on the University of Essex undergraduate psychology degree ...


Understanding prejudice and social categorisation

In this audio interview Richard Crisp, Professor of Psychology at Aston Business School, discusses his research into understanding prejudice and social ...


PTT 2011 - Day1 Keynote: The Wellbeing Agenda - Prof Felicia Huppert (Part 1)

Play's the Thing 2011 - Day1 Keynote: The Wellbeing Agenda : A Tour D'Horizon - Professor Felicia Huppert Felicia Huppert is the Professor of Psychology at ...


"Enabling Flexible Control" - Warren Mansell's May Davidson Award Lecture - DCP 2011

Dr Warren Mansell, University of Manchester, UK, presents his Award Lecture at the British Psychological Society Division of Clinical Psychology Annual ...


BPS DCP Annual Conference 2012 Overview

The British Psychological Society's Division of Clinical Psychology Annual Conference 2012 took place from 5 - 7 December at the University of Oxford.


Malcolm Parlett 6 - 'My Adventures With Gestalt' - Interview by Iain McNay

Malcolm Parlett - 'My Adventures With Gestalt' - Interview by Iain McNay Malcolm has been a leading practitioner of Gestalt therapy for over 40 years. He was the ...


Reborn Baby Neverland

Le reborn baby sono bambole di diverso materiale, vinile o silicone, esistono due metodi per realizzare una reborn baby ( il “Reborning process” che si realizza ...


Professor Chris French discusses parapsychology (psychology of paranormal belief)

In this interview Chris French, Professor of Psychology and Head of Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit at Goldsmiths University of London discusses the ...


Weird Science: An Introduction to Anomolistic Psychology

Presented by Professor Chris French at our August 3, 2011 Drinking Skeptically in Silver Spring, MD. The Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit (APRU) was ...


TEDxWarwick - David Hargreaves - Musical Fingerprints

David Hargreaves is Professor of Education and Froebel Research Fellow at Roehampton University, and Visiting Professor at the Inter-University Institute of ...


Rob Yeung tells you how to win an argument

Dr Rob Yeung is a psychologist, keynote speaker and TV presenter who helps people to achieve their goals. He has a passion for helping both individuals and ...


Científica Elizabeth Loftus. La Ficción de la Memoria. ATEÍSMO.

Dar clik en la parte de Mostrar más por favor.- La Dra en psicología experimental Elizabeth Loftus es considerada como la mujer en psicología más importante ...


The Psychology of Religion Audiobook Edwin Diller STARBUCK

The Psychology of Religion Audiobook Edwin Diller STARBUCK The Psychology of Religion Edwin Diller STARBUCK (1866 - 1947) “The present volume is an ...


Can You Pick The Apple Logo From This Line Up ? Watch !!@@!

Can You Pick The Apple Logo From This Line Up? Scientists asked 85 people to choose the right logo from a selection and more than half of them failed.


John and Catrin Lewis, Clinical Physiology

John and Catrin graduated with first class BSc (Hons) Clinical Physiology (Technology) and upper second class BSc (Hons) Clinical Physiology (Respiratory) ...

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