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Bird photography - The beauty of Black-headed gull

The photos were taken with Nikon D2xs with AFS 600mm f4d lens. Visit for more high quality photos.


Common Black-headed Gull & Tern_ floating on fish farm.

Common Black-headed Gull & Tern_ floating on fish farm. By Nick Hsieh_ Sony QX-30/B_Dec 4,2014_ middle Taiwan.


Black-headed Gull

A Black-headed Gull videoscoped through an Opticron GS 665 GA ED spotting scope with a 40810 eyepiece using a Panasonic Lumix FS-16 and Opticron lens ...


BTO Bird ID - Small black-headed gulls

A hooded gull in summer is likely to be the ubiquitous Black-headed Gull, but there are a couple of other species that sport the same summer finery. Would you ...


Black-headed Gull

Quick drawing of a Black-headed Gull Finished:


Larus ridibundus - Black-headed Gull

Naurulokki. Camera: Olympus PEN E-PL1, Sigma 70-300mm 1:4-5.6 DG Macro.


black-headed gull eating a big fish lips

A black-headed gull eating a big dead fish lips in the Deep Bay in Mai Po.


Birding at Tacumshin Lake

A scan across a small section of Tacumshin Lake, Co. Wexford on 14th October 2012. An amazing wealth of waders, wildfowl & gulls visit this famous birding site ...


Long Lens Head

This is the video instruction manual and tutorial for the Acratech Long Lens Head. Our Long Lens head weighs less than 1lb (.45kg) and will hold a 600 F4.0.


Floating Card Trick aka The Hummer Card, Flying Card Magic by Revolution Magic

The best video performance of the floating card trick out there. Learn how to make a playing card levitate while it spins in the air at http://www.


The Courage to Learn: Photo Critique #2--Black & Blue Birds!

This month, a photographer named Doug has shared with me images for my critique sessions. You'll learn about composition, elements that make for strong bird ...


The Ariana Grande Challenge | Tom Dobson Vlogs

(MAIN CHANNEL) (↓↓ click show more ↓↓) My Website - ...


Black-backed woodpecker gascope

Black-backed woodpecker.


Birds of the World Keyword List for Lightroom and Aperture

Benefits, tutorial, and ease of working with the downloadable "Birds of the World" and "Birds of North America" keyword lists for Lightroom and Aperture from ...


How to Draw a Bird Flying: 1

This art tutorial will show you how to draw a seagull or similar flying bird, starting with very simple shapes. To draw the initial shapes I use a 4B pencil and once ...


Wildlife Photography Tips From Cristina Mittermei

Cristina Mittermei, conservation and wildlife photographer, shares her tips for shooting wildlife while on location in the Yucatan Peninsula in México. Christina is ...


Mermaid Green Cut Crease Cat Eyes + Outtakes!

THUMBS UP if you like darker music! Social Networks: http://www.cosmeticcouturier.blogspot...


Andy Warhol exhibition,1960's Film - 4263

With a focus more on visitors to the Exhibition than on the pictures, look at Andy Warhol's work. Examples of 1960's fashion, fads and footwear, beautiful people, ...


Nature Photography Workshop - Adobe Photoshop Workflow - Part 1

Adobe Photoshop workflow lesson by Glenn Bartley. Learn a basic workflow in Adobe Photoshop from RAW conversion to final Tif image. Please be sure to like ...


Photo-Africa - Weekly Chat #7 (Part 1)

Part one of the seventh edition of the weekly Photo-Africa chat. These weekly videos, presented by Gerry van der Walt from Photo-Africa, will include tips, ideas, ...

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