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TIBCO Designer Tutorial - Checkpoint - In this TIBCO video tutorial, you will learn how to perform checkpointing in your process. This capability is very important in the design ...



accelerating change.


A Conversation with Ray Kurzweil

A conversation between Ray Kurzweil and David Orban at the World Business Forum in Milan, Italy in October 2007. Covering the investment world in the ...


The Strategic Framework helps leaders build high-performing organizations in times of accelerating change. Get the book http://www.


Football Skills dribbling ground moves (Messi 10 Barcelona)

Football Skills dribbling ground moves to beat opponents using stepovers. rivelino stepover, cruyff turns etc, Dribbling fast, accelerating, change of pace and ...


PegaWORLD 2014: Vodafone: Excellent Enterprise Customer Experience through Digital Transformation

Vodafone Group plc is one of the world's largest mobile telecommunications companies with more than 400 million customers in almost 30 countries.


Differential Equations 25 : Characteristic Equation 2/2

In this video I continue with my tutorials on Differential Equations. These videos work on solving second order equations, the Laplace Equation, the Wave ...


Do You Know How To Interface?

DO YOU KNOW HOW TO INTERFACE? The Secret Art of Connecting Paradigms ** Dedicated by Heidi and Yaakov Ort in honor of the birthday of our dear ...


State of Broadband in 2012: "Achieving Digital inclusion for All"

The State of Broadband 2012 report draws on ITU's extensive statistical evidence base and is the result of close collaboration between Broadband ...


How to Manage People Through Continuous Change

This entire briefing and many more are available on our web page: Program ...


Itamar Arel on Artificial General Intelligence development - Singularity Summit 09

On October 3-4, 2009, the Singularity Summit 09 is held in New York, . Itamar Arel is speaking about Artificial General ...


Advanced TIBCO Monitoring; When Your Business Relies on TIBCO

Rodney Morrison, SL's VP of Products, and Gopi Parimi, SL's senior systems engineer for TIBCO, provided a deep-dive demo of RTView Enterprise Monitor for ...


2012: Matrix Singularity Seminar Part 3--Quantum Change In this live seminar we explore the concept of quantum change in energetic systems, leading up to the end of the current historical era in ...


AndyPainter#3 - Cucumber On The JVM



How can industry keep up with the accelerating pace of change?

Discover how Pega is helping the world's leading companies transform their operations and become more agile (


Greg Lowes - Key takeaways at Enterprise Mobility Exchange, Las Vegas 2012

Greg Lowes, Strategic Account Manager, SOTI shares his views on the Enterprise Mobility Exchange format. For further information on the Enterprise Mobility E...


Winning the Branding Moments That Matter



Walking Bottle

Just a few doors away from Professor Nash, Princeton math majors are hard at work......teaching a bottle to walk.


Real 2nd Life - immersive Second Life integration with the p

Real 2nd Life - Eximia, and the Laboratory of Eidomatics of the University of Milan connect phisycal reality to the virtual world of Second Life. The platform ...


11 of 18 - New trends in BFSI testing.MP4

Vanaja Arvind, Executive Director, Thinksoft Global Services Ltd, Chennai (,

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